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The right bag for work is definitely an investment piece. This is a bag you’ll be using almost every day. If you select the right one, they’ll last you years. There are a few key factors to look at prior to making your purchase. The design should be timeless. This is not the time to be trendy. This isn’t to say to you should pick something boring but simply put, a classic is a classic for a reason.  Functionality is also important. A lot of room inside a bag is great but if there are no interior pockets or the layout doesn’t make sense then it can quickly turn into wasted space. Who wants to dig through a giant bag constantly? Like I said, I do view these as an investment and I like to factor in cost per use. Here are my favorite bags for work for every budget.

Investment Pieces


Bags For Work Under $1,000


Bags For Work Under $500



Bags For Work Under $250



All of these bags are great options. Some of them are better suited for more casual work environments and others could transition easily into conservative office settings. A great work bag is a power accessory. The right one can also last you years. I had a few in rotation back when I worked in the corporate world and I still use them today. Don’t forget to follow Corporatecatwalk on Instagram for more workwear looks too! You can also shop all of the looks here.

Which bag is your favorite?

xo, Olivia


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