Keeping Up With Sebastian 18 Months Old

Sebastian just crossed over the 19-month mark and he is now in full “go” mode. He is running around everywhere, climbing on everything, and has no fear. This period in his life seems to be going by so fast. He is all of a sudden a little kid. This is still our favorite time with him though. As much as he is hyper, he is just as cuddly. Unfortunately, he has had some tough times as of late with his lymph nodes swelling up and getting a staph infection. As you may remember, he was in and out of the hospital getting those taken care of. It is so tough to see your little one in pain and there is nothing you can do about it. He was a champion and got through all the blood work, iv’s, and surgery. Over the weekend we got a call from our pediatrician and he let us know that we need to get Sebastian back into the hospital if the antibiotics for the third lymph node doesn’t heal by Tuesday. We head back to the ER in the morning to get the third lymph node drained. Praying it’s as painless as possible for Sebastian.

New Phases

Now that he’s officially a toddler, we’re working through a few new phases, like beginning to work on potty training. Sebastian has begun pulling off his diaper when he goes to the bathroom. After several episodes of cleaning up the floor, we are going to start trying to potty train him. Is it early? I don’t know but it’s worth a shot. We’re looking into a few different options for potty training, but please share any info below!

You might remember this post about Batman and Sebastian. As much as we wanted to believe that their relationship was getting better, it’s not. We’d love to hear from anyone who’s had a similar situation, where their little one isn’t getting along with the dog. Sebastian messes with him (we think out of jealousy when we pet Batman) and then Batman gets upset. We are probably going to have to work with someone to help us facilitate a better relationship between the two. Fingers crossed.

As Sebastian grows-up, we have needed to keep up with him. With Amazon Prime Day today, I wanted to share with you some of the things we have gotten for him over the last few months. There are a couple items from other stores but nearly all of them we got from Amazon.

Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster

About a month ago, Sebastian started sitting at the table to eat his snacks and meals. We decided to get him this booster chair. We love it because it stays strapped to our dining chair. It takes up no room and he is able to sit up with us at the table. The highchair served it’s purpose but takes up too much room. Plus, he is ready to be in his own chair with us.

ECR4Kids Table & Chairs

Along with the booster chair, we also go him this wooden table and chairs from Amazon. It’s pretty neat. It’s super sturdy, multifunctional and can fit anywhere. The seats which slide right underneath the table allow for him to sit higher or lower depending on what works best. It’s just a great piece when your little one needs a desk and you don’t have much room to work with.

KeaBabies Toddler Pillow

This pillow was such a great find. Now that Sebastian is getting older his needs have shifted a little bit when sleeping. Other pillows for kids seemed so flimsy and regular pillows are just way too big. This pillow is designed for toddlers. It’s ergonomic and hypoallergenic. It also has these cute little designs on the pillowcase. It’s really easy to wash and great to travel with.

Kereda Stainless Steel Cups

Sebastian loves smoothies, so I got him this metal cups especially for him. They’re great for adults as well. It’s perfect for smoothies. I love that they come with metal straws and different colors. He is going to need to decide on his favorite color soon. It’s probably going to be red, as that’s his favorite color to say. Everything is red!

Madison Bookshelf

Every time I post about this bookshelf, I get tons of questions. We love it for organizing all of his books. It’s especially great for small living spaces. You can leave it standing on the floor or attach it to the wall. It takes up very little room but you can fit a lot of books on the three shelves. Plus it looks really nice.

Peek – A – Flap Books

Lately, Sebastian loves these books, they are peak-a-flap books. He loves looking under the flip page to see what’s underneath. Really cool books and great for interacting. He loves animals but loves trucks even more. So we are on the lookout for more of these books with cars or trucks.

Amazon Echo

The Echo has peeked for Sebastian’s interest lately. He always looks over when we ask her a question. Sebastian calls her “Lolo” (my parent’s dog) and asks her to play songs. Right now we have the ABC, Wheels on the Bus and Ole McDonald songs on repeat. We are trying the “Clean Up” to try and get him to clean up his toys. But, to no avail. We will keep practicing.

RolliCool Portable Air Conditioner

As you may remember, Sebastian has a small room. A really small room. We need to keep it well ventilated and cool during the summer so we got him this portable air conditioner. It’s compact enough to fit, practical enough for the space and works great. It’s super simple to set-up and it’s versatile enough to work for the entire year. It can humidify, dehumidify, heat, cool and has a fan mode too. It’s a great purchase for us. It’s so much better than a window unit.

Little People Ride-On Car

When it comes to toys, we try and minimize the toys we get for him, but my parents just sent this amazing little car for him to roll around the house. It has been great for him and it occupies his time with the music. We cleaned off a shelf for us to store it away when he is not using it.

Tom’s Toothpaste

Brushing teeth is starting to become a habit for him, but it still takes a lot of work. We’re using this toothpaste and he loves it! Most of the time, he just sucks the toothpaste off the brush and we have to brush for him. But every once in a while when the three of us all brush our teeth together, he will mimic us and it’s adorable!

Macally Adjustable Car Seat Headrest Mount & Holder

I recently featured on Instagram Stories on our trip to Montauk. Now that it’s summer, we’re taking more road trips and we love this iPhone and iPad charger. It goes with us everywhere and you can stow it away anywhere.

Inflatable Pool

It’s getting hot in the city and we have a little porch so we decided to get him a little pool. It takes no time to blow it up and it fits perfectly on our small porch. He loves it and we can all be out there with him.

Star Right Magnetic Letters & Numbers

Sebastian likes playing in the kitchen so we thought these fridge magnets would be a great way to occupy his time. We go through the ABC’s and numbers with him too. Plus, they take up no room!


With Sebastian as active as he is, we wanted to get him some new kicks. Matt and I have always liked Saucony, particularly during our running days. Their shoes are classic and they look so cute on him!

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

Our Uppababy car seat had run its course. Sebastian got too big so we moved on to this one. He has much more room, two cup-holders, and can recline back and forth. He loves traveling now since he can sit-up and see all the trucks go by the window. When he is happy, we are happy!

Pockit Lightweight Stroller 

Out of all the travel things we have bought over the past year or so, this has to be our favorite purchase. The first trip was to Cartagena!  The stroller folds up into smaller than a briefcase. It fits very easily into the overhead bins (even the tiny overheads on regional flights). We love traveling with it and it’s been great getting around the city as well. Game changer.

My First Scooter by Radio Flyer

This was one of the scooters we saw most at the playground so we did some searching on Amazon. We loved the price point first and foremost. It’s on the lower end of pricing but has some really good features including a wide base, textured foot bed and comfort hand grips. It rolls well but not that great on uneven surface and cracks in the sidewalks. All in all though, for the price, its a great introduction into the world of scooters for kiddos.

Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter

This is a beast! We wanted a blue one and Amazon was completely sold out at the time. The only place we found the blue version was at Saks so we ordered from there. It’s built with aircraft grade aluminum. It has smooth gliding wheels like the ones used for roller blades. The Micro is designed to grow with your child. Sebastian is using the seat bar to learn before advancing and replacing the seat with the straight t bar.

Bern Helmet: Unlimited Jr. Nino Summer Helmet with Visor

This is a must. We found this Bern helmet on Amazon as well and we love it. It fits Sebastian as a toddler and will grow with him for a few more years. Berns makes incredible products and this helmet didn’t disappoint. Love the design, super sturdy and comes in a number of different colors. We love that his helmet matches his Micro Scooter. Fashion never stops.

StitchFix for Kids

I’m excited to share the newest from StitchFix — StitchFix for kids! If you’re not familiar with StitchFix, it’s an online service that styles you based on your preferences. Wrote more about the service here.We just signed up and are scheduled to receive our first box of pieces on August 20th. We filled out Sebastian’s profile. What we liked, what we didn’t like. This included colors, patterns and price point (something I appreciate since kids grow out of clothes so quickly). I’ll be sure to follow up with my experience. You can use my code to get the first $20 fee waived on your StitchFix order!

I can’t wait to see what happens over the next six months with Sebastian. It’s going to be fun no matter what. Always is with him. If you have any other cool things you have gotten your kiddos that you would like to share, let us know. Thanks so much! Any advice on getting your kid to get along with your dog and potty training would be awesome as well.

As always, thanks for reading! Happy Shopping and see you back here soon. Can’t wait to hear how shopping goes!

xo, Olivia

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