3 Day Family Getaway to Stockholm, Sweden



A couple of weeks ago, we went to Sweden for the first time. This was actually the first time Matt or I had ever been to Scandinavia. So happy we had the chance and we got to work on a really neat project in the process. Sebastian came along and I can officially say he is a great traveler. Our trip to Cartagena was a great practice run for this trip. We had the best time with him! I do want to thank all of you who shared your tips on Stockholm. We got around to a number of your recommendations and it made for a great experience. THANK YOU!

Although it was a short trip, we got to see a lot of Stockholm and ate at some great spots. Below we are sharing some of our highlights. Hope you enjoy!


Plane. It is an easy 7 to 7.5 hr flight to Stockholm. They have direct flights out of NYC. This was our first time flying Scandinavian Airlines but it was great. We had two seats on the way there but it worked out ok. I put the seat all the way down and Sebastian laid next to me and slept most of the flight. We didn’t know what to expect with Sebastian as this was his longest flight yet but he did great. YouTube and milk is the ticket to happiness. The screen recording we mentioned in this previous post has been amazing to have on the flights. This post was focused on our travel essentials when Sebastian was much younger.

We got there and headed into downtown Stockholm. The trip from Arlanda airport to our hotel was about 45 minutes. Easy ride in and you get a glimpse of Sweden outside of the big city.


Hotel Diplomat

Great stay! It’s located on Strandvägen in the city center. Perfectly positioned to explore the green scenery of Djurgården, Karlaplan and the vibrant Gamla Stan neighborhood. It is situated right along the water. We couldn’t have been in a more convenient location for our trip. The room was exquisite. They had a travel crib ready for Sebastian with a little teddy bear. It was really cute. You take a really old school elevator up to your floor from the lobby. It was one of those elevators where you have to close the door before the elevator car closes and moves. The restaurant downstairs in the lobby is fantastic. We got room service for dinner and breakfast and had no complaints.


Boat Ride

We were going to take a boat ride around Stockholm but it was too cold for the little kid. Next time when it’s a little warmer we will. Stockholm is divided up by water. There are canals, waterways and bridges all throughout the city and this is a great way to see all the parts of Stockholm and the Archipelago in a short amount of time.


Kid’s Museum! Stockholm has so much to do with your little ones. There are a number of really neat looking children’s museums. The one we really hope to take Sebastian to the next time we are in Stockholm is Junibacken. It’s devoted to the famed author Astrid Lindgren, creator of Pippi Longstocking (known as Pippi Långstrump in Swedish). The place looks like a fairytale with all kinds of storybook characters, a workshop, and restaurant.

Gamla Stan

It’s referred to as Old Town. It is one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe. Also, Stockholm was founded here in 1252. This was our favorite area to walk around. The buildings are gorgeous. They have great cafes, restaurants, and bars. There are so many gorgeous little streets, alleys, and nooks for taking pictures.

Shopping in Biblioteksgatan 

Welcome to the Fashion District. Within just a few blocks you will find the very best that fashion has to offer including Prada, Chanel, Acne Studios and others. Love the area and Sweden is sooo clean. It made for a fantastic time.

Cocktails at the Grand Hôtel- The Cadier Bar

Go for a drink. The place is so elegant yet unpretentious. Great atmosphere and great cocktails.

Rosendals Farm

This was such a neat experience. This place is the driver of farm to fork cooking in Stockholm and the food here was absolutely exquisite. We had a chance to explore the grounds a bit, walk through the King’s orchard and learn all about native Nordic berries that are so prevalent in Swedish cooking. If you have a chance to get out of the city, this is a true gem. It’s not far at all as you can take the rail system or a short cab ride out.



My favorite. This was where we had our first lunch in Stockholm. It is a trendy spot that mixes the cafe with exhibition and concept space. It serves both breakfast and lunch. The food is fantastic and just a great spot for a casual, low-key brunch before jetting around town.

Grand Hôtel – Veranda

This is your fine dining experience. So I snuck a peek inside while we were having cocktails at the Cadier Bar. Serves traditional smorgasbord in a super refined setting.


This is the spot to get traditional Swedish meatballs. It’s a small little spot next to the Opera. It serves up great Swedish food in a really fun atmosphere. Also, it’s a great spot to hang out before heading to a concert.

Cafe Schweizer

This is a really neat cafe we found while exploring Gamla Stan. It’s the one with all the oranges in the window. Food is good, service is great and the atmosphere is even better. Not a bad spot for an Instagram pic or two.

Thanks so much for reading and be sure to let us know if you are heading out there and need some more recommendations. Have a great day!

xo, Olivia


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