Getting Back My Glowing Skin

If you have been following along, I have been making some pretty big changes in the health and wellness area over the last couple of months. With most new ideas, and really change in general, it can be difficult to fully embrace what’s new. The reasons for these changes are pretty simple. I wanted to be in better shape, I wanted to eat cleaner and I wanted my old skin back. It wasn’t a situation where I was eating horribly or wasn’t working out at all or even that I wasn’t taking care of my skin. I just needed to make some tweaks in my routine in order to be the best possible me.

First, I needed to get back on a workout schedule. We all have the best intentions when it comes to the gym or workout classes, but it can be difficult to find the time with work, friends, and family. You have to set aside time no matter what in order to achieve the results you want. I have gotten back on that horse.

Second, we have all but cut meat out of our diet. My transition has been much smoother than Matt’s. He still sneaks in some carne asada burritos but he is doing great with his veggies! We have been planning out our meals and only shopping for what we need to make that meal plan work. So far so good. It’s been a bit different than when I first talked about how I managed my body pre and post-Sebastian.

Third, and most important, is skincare. We are all born with beautiful skin. However, as we get older, our skin changes. We have to keep up. This never became more apparent that after I had Sebastian. My skin started to dry out faster. I’d get blemishes more often and my skin didn’t feel like mine a lot of the time. So, I began a two-prong approach to getting my skin back. For rejuvenating my skin underneath, I take supplements. They work great and provide the perfect complement to my perfect body lotion.

Like many of you, I’m sure, I use Aveeno and want to share how I’ve been leveraging their product to get my skin back. Currently, I am using their newly released, Positively Radiant Body Lotion. I love it! It’s the perfect lotion for getting that post-workout glow. In the winter time, as I’m sure with a lot of you, my skin gets really dried out, particularly after the gym. I needed a body lotion that was thick enough to truly absorb into my skin and leaving it glowing. Positively Radiant does just that.

Another reason why I love Positively Radiant is that it uses Active Naturals. They are ingredients that are carefully selected from nature and uniquely formulated with the power of science to deliver visible benefits. One of these ingredients is the Total Soy Complex. It uses natural light diffusers to immediately enhance your skin’s glow. That is what I mentioned earlier for getting that glow back right after a workout.

If you are looking for a brand that delivers results and uses natural ingredients, look no further than Aveeno. It has been a major help in revitalizing my skin and will continue to make sure my glow never goes away. Get yours here!


Have a great day everyone and here’s to beautiful, long-lasting skin!

xo, Olivia

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