Our Amazing First Year With Sebastian

This blog post is sponsored by Pampers. As always, all thoughts and opinions are mine. 

Sebastian turned one over the weekend! It is absolutely incredible how fast this year has gone by. On this day last year, we brought Sebastian home from the hospital. It was the best birthday gift I’ve ever received! Looking back on that year, our parents told us to not blink because they are all grown up before you know it. They are so right. It’s an incredible feeling getting to experience all his firsts from flying on a plane, going on his first playdate and taking his first steps. I want time to slow but every day something new happens and I can’t wait to see what it is.

This first year was so incredibly special for many reasons but we got to start off by bringing him home from the hospital on my birthday. It was so neat to be able to introduce to him to his new home on my birthday. It was the first day he got to meet Batman and Pfeiffer. Although, the kitty wasn’t nearly as interested in Sebastian as Batman. I still remember changing his little newborn Pampers Swaddlers. We kept one to remember just how tiny he was. It has been so fun to move Sebastian onto each stage of Pampers. Seeing him move from 1 to 3 and now onto Cruisers. So cute. He is definitely a pampers & no clothes little kid!

From that moment, Sebastian had so many other huge milestones including his first doctor’s visit. This was pretty nerve-racking, I must say, especially since he was such a petite baby boy. We were put on a “plan” to get his weight above the original birth weight of 6 lbs 7 oz. Two weeks later we went back into the doctor’s office and had gotten to the correct weight, above actually. He has a big appetite!

We also celebrated his first Christmas in his newborn Pampers! He was so teeny!

Sebastian took his first plane ride after just a couple months. His first flight was also his first time outside the country. One of our favorite pictures of him is still his passport photo! (he wore a bow tie of course!) Seeing his passport get stamped for the first time in our most favorite place in the whole world, Mexico, was such a  great experience.

Sleeping on His Own

As the year moved on, Sebastian grew out of his bassinet and we started transitioning him into his own room. After a few weeks of sleep training, Sebastian was sleeping in his own crib. We were so proud of him! It was the moment that I knew he was really growing up and was no longer a newborn. He was officially a baby boy.  For Sebastian, it was also a huge milestone to learn to go to sleep on his own. This is also when we started using the Pampers Swaddlers Overnights. This was great for those 12+ hours of sleep. It also meant that Sebastian woke up happy every single morning!

On the Go

It seemed like only yesterday we were having tummy time with Sebastian. He then quickly began to crawl and in the blink of an eye, he was walking all over the place. In a matter of months, Sebastian went from crawling around the house, to standing up and to walking! Now that he is walking, he has graduated to his Pamper’s Cruisers. They give him more mobility so he isn’t restricted in any way when walking. It’s cold out now, so he has to have clothes on. However, the cruisers are thin and flexible, allowing full movement under his clothes so he can walk around freely without obstruction. Sebastian took his first steps outside by himself the other day. He is getting so big. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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xo, Olivia

This blog post is sponsored by Pampers. As always, all thoughts and opinions are mine. 


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