Day Trip To The Apple Orchard

Before you start today’s post, be sure to watch our Vlog from the trip!

As much as we love living in New York City with all the energy and excitement, it’s great to get out of the city on little day or weekend trips. It’s amazing how you end up getting so consumed with everything going on in the city, you actually forget for a little bit, anywhere else exists. Matt has a funny little comparison when we talk about this. He likens New York City to a snow globe. It’s beautiful, there’s a lot of action, but you are in your own little world and you tend not to think about anything else. That changes once winter hits though and all you can think about is white sandy beaches. Gotta admit, I dream of the beach everyday. 🙂

Each fall since we have lived in Manhattan, we have taken the trip up to a cute little place called Pennings Orchard. It’s just about an hour and twenty minute drive north through gorgeous scenery along the Hudson before heading west a little bit to Warwick, NY. The place has everything for the family; apples, pumpkins, country store, hayride and more. This was of course our first time taking Sebastian and we were so excited to share this ‘first’ with him.

They have a huge orchard up on the hills with plenty of room to spread out and get your own row of trees to pick from. Outside of a slightly chilly breeze the weather was great. A little sun mixed in with some overcast and a wide open orchard made for the perfect setting. Doesn’t hurt that the trees were all changing color so it was gorgeous all around us. Once we got up to the trees and got our bags, we got a little red wagon for Sebastian from the sweetest lady who worked there. It was perfect for him!

At first Sebastian didn’t know what to think about the apples and then he just went for it and tried eating them all. He has a few teeth now so he was fully committed to the task at hand. We gave him a head start on a couple to help out. At first, he was fully content sitting with all the apples as we walked through the orchard. After 30 minutes or so he wanted out. Sebastian is starting to stand on his own and take a step or two so he didn’t wanted to stay in the wagon anymore.

He wanted in on the action so he helped his papa pick some apples to take home with us. Once we had our bags filled, we headed back up to the main area to have some hot apple cider inside. It was absolutely delicious. As we sipped our cider, we walked around and picked up some goodies. They have everything; anything apple related, jams, mixes, breads, snacks, decorations, etc. If you are hungry or thirsty, they have a bar inside and a food counter.

After warming up a little bit, we walked back out to show Sebastian all the animals. Just to the side, they have the cutest little kids area. Matt got some food for he and Sebastian to feed the goats and chickens. Sebastian was so excited about the big white goat that was eating out of Matt’s hand. He just smiled and clapped his hands. He just learned that and it’s adorable. Once he was tired, we packed up and headed back to the city.

If you are planning on going apple picking and live in the area, definitely head up there for a great day. It is so nice to get out of the city once in a while and we are making a conscious effort to do more and more of these little day trips. The Northeast is an amazing part of the country and we are fortunate to have so many great places within driving distance. Next trip…we’re heading back out to Montauk for some fall fun. Stay tuned!

xo, Olivia


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