How to look professional in pink at work

I love to sprinkle pink into my workwear once in awhile. It adds that little fun and brightness without having to add a lot of accessories. Pink is one of those colors you need to be super careful with when considering it as part of your workwear. It’s vital to getting right in most settings. A bright pink is too bold and almost gives the appearance of a 1990’s Miami club owner. While fun and it has it’s place, it’s just not the best for the office. If the color is too light, it may look like it got mixed in with the darks in the wash. Try for something middle of the road and add a little texture if possible.

I tend to go clean and classic, so a pink button-down with a tailored suit looks amazing! The sweater I’m wearing goes great with trousers or a longer skirt, particularly now that we are in full Fall shopping mode. The ruffled sleeves, while may be typically be a little casual, it gives you a statement piece but isn’t too bold that it takes all the attention.

Have fun with it! There are a lot of options out there.

xo, Olivia

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  1. Alex ? wrote:

    Love the outfit @mrs.alepenaflor

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
    • Arianna Valenzuela wrote:

      I really like your content Oliva! I just wondering how one becomes so successful at this? I love putting together outfits & when I wear something I love it makes my day better!

      Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  2. Jennifer wrote:

    It’s funny because I was JUST talking to my coworkers about how pink can look unprofessional is done incorrectly! The perfect shade pair with a workwear workhorse is how you do it! @ladyoutloud

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  3. Larissa wrote:

    I’d love to win that gorgeous purse to wear to work!! I’m a doctor and I think it would be great for carrying everything in.
    Love your posts!!

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  4. Jackie wrote:

    So pretty! Wearing pink to work helps to brighten up my mood 🙂 @jmboccuzza

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  5. Jessica wrote:

    Love your tips for wearing pink and I am more in love with your heels. I will def. get them for the fall! @msjessie126

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  6. Love the sleeves. @naadoc

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  7. Shelby Walker wrote:

    Love that you wrote about this! I always try to add pops of pink and other colors to my work outfits, I just get so tired of the dark colors all the time!

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  8. Amber M wrote:

    I know that this post was all about the pink, but I’m really loving those pants! @ambersmyers

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  9. Nalini wrote:

    I loved the combination pink+black! For some reason I always paired pink with white but it doesn’t look great on winter and rainy days! Def trying to copy that outfit soon!


    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  10. Stephanie wrote:

    Love pink in workwear – so fun and chic!! @stephmariegonz

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  11. Z. Michelle wrote:

    I wish I could raid your closet every morning as I get ready for work! @zoa09

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  12. Randi wrote:

    Love seeing your style and the outfits you put together. Can’t wait to see more. @randiallyn

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  13. Mara Aline Rodrigues wrote:

    Loving your outfit!! You’re an inspiration for me everyday ❤️

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  14. Carolina Lopez wrote:

    I LOVE pink, I’ve even had pink hair! lol I’m going back into the 9-5 work force after over a year of being out of work and wearing workout clothes all day. I’m concerned on my “look” for the new job. In the work I did before that, I wore scrubs.

    The job is in a High School (not a teacher), so I don’t want to look too corporate. I think adding touches of color like pink will be perfect. Thank you Olivia, I appreciate it all your advice.


    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  15. Darlene wrote:
    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  16. Erica W wrote:

    I love your style Olivia! (Hi Sebastian☺) I also love how workplace attire is changing to reflect personalities and not a type.

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  17. Mayra wrote:

    This is a great example of wearing pastel pink, it may be the only way I could wear this color in the office.
    Thanks for sharing! @mscaptures

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  18. Christine wrote:

    love the pink & the shoes!!

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  19. Jherell wrote:

    Love this look! You are corporate style GOALS! @jherelld

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  20. Sylvia wrote:

    Totally agree that pairing bright colors with neutrals work perfectly for the office. Xo ? @samimay_inc

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  21. Kristen Pritchett wrote:

    Love your look Olivia! I always wear black to work but this post makes me think I can wear pink too! @kristenpritch

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  22. Lisa wrote:

    Love your style! Been following you for some time! Your instastories are so cute with sweet Sebastian! Would love to start blogging but so scared to take the leap! Any advice you can give for someone just starting out? I know the content i would want to focus on, fashion/lifestyle. But still so nervous! ?

    @love.simple. ness

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  23. Pauline wrote:

    I always have the same issue with wearing light colors that may look too sheer/not the most appropriate for the office. Pink has been a tough color for me to feel comfortable in at wo but I really like how polished this piece looks! Thanks for sharing as always ? @paulinezilch

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  24. Christina kovage wrote:

    Loving the pink at work post! Thanks for sharing your style! @ckovage

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  25. Claudia Wilkis wrote:

    I really think the “millennial pink” color can be very classy for work if done correctly! @wilkisclaudia

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  26. Diana wrote:

    Love this post. Pink if my favorite color and your post inspired me! Thank you!


    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  27. Rachel wrote:

    I love this post! I just started my next to last semester of college and your workwear posts give me so much inspiration! Being a business student I have quite a few classes and meetings to go to where I’m expected to dress like a professional. It’s so nice to see some new ideas for what I can wear because sometimes I just feeling like I’m wearing the same things over and over! @rachelbowman94

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  28. Kristy wrote:

    Newbie follower here and loving the touch of pink! Fantastic outfit for the office. Now only if the short came in marernity! @kriss1548

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  29. Navy and pink is such a great combo. Thanks for the outfit idea! I LOVE pink. My favorite color for sure.

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  30. @gcapriglione wrote:

    Need all of the pink pieces you’ve recommended! What’s more fun than pink ????‍♀️

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  31. Leslie wrote:

    Love the post and the bag would be a perfect pink piece to add to a neutral outfit!

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  32. Sara wrote:

    Great outfit! Love a pop of color for officewear. @sarie213

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  33. Elle wrote:

    More pink is needed at the office. Adds femininity and playfulness. @beachbum133

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  34. Emily wrote:

    Love it!! Your blog is so helpful as I try to build my post-grad professional wardrobe


    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  35. Heather wrote:

    I love adding some color to my outfit when I go to work because it seems that everywhere I look in NYC, everyone is wearing black!

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  36. Olivia wrote:

    I’m starting at a law firm in the fall and I wish I had your wardrobe for work! Can’t wait to start building mine up.


    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  37. Kristen wrote:

    I wore pink today to work! Love when it’s done right – it’s so feminine and a pop of color always brightens up my mood! Your style always inspires my work wardrobe. @kristenmary19

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  38. Michelle Capobianco wrote:

    This is really interesting. I’ve never worn pink to work before but I’m considering it now after I saw this look ? @mcapobee

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  39. Alexis Graham wrote:

    I don’t own that much pink, but this post inspired me to check out some pink pieces on my next shopping trip. @lexgraham12

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  40. Aurora Oliver wrote:

    Such a great post! I’m new to your blog but I love your content! I’m hoping to start working at a high end consignment store in the DC area and will definitely be taking your ideas into consideration!! @roryanneoliver

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  41. Angelica Permiakov wrote:

    I never even stopped to think that pink would be inappropriate for work. I feel like it’s more about the silhouette than the color. I love a beautiful pink piece, it can be less electric when paired with a neutral or classic colored piece. This sweater look awesome. Let’s wear more pink! @angelicapermiakov

    Posted 8.28.17 · Reply
  42. Maria wrote:

    I love the look! @summer9231

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  43. Christy Joyner wrote:

    My office held an event for our volunteers and asked us to wear pink. I didn’t have anything in pink at that time but I will be getting something pink soon! Loved the article. @janel28501

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  44. Christy wrote:

    Love this look and now I’m about to pull the trigger on those shoes! Have been lusting after them! @Christybernadet

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  45. Lisa O. wrote:

    Always loved your blog. I remember when I first followed Corporate Catwalk in 2015 post Graduation. I got my first Corporate job but had such a relaxed style from college. Your tips taught me how to brighten/spice up my wardrobe and still dress nice in the Corporate world. I’ve watched you grow and being preggo with Sebastian was my fav. Anywho you always know I call you my spirit animal. Keep the blogs coming! @queenefosa ?

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  46. Alison wrote:

    Love the idea of incooperating fun color into work outfits!


    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  47. Desiree wrote:

    Loved the look Olivia!! You’re always so chic. I loved how you tucked the sweater in and added the Gucci belt, it looks so polished. Thank you for all the look inspos everyday!! ?

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  48. Claudia wrote:

    Totally agree that pink is the perfect color to show some personality and add some fun to a work outfit, I surely get noticed amongst the big group of older males in dark suits typical of the corporate/IT world. Read this yesterday and wearing pink today 🙂


    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  49. Sam wrote:

    Being in a sorority who’s colors are pink and green, I never lost my love for the color. I am so happy that blush is such a popular color right now!

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  50. I love that you wrote about this! I’m starting as a young graduate and def will folow your tips! Btw, I LOVE THE SHOES! Xo from Belgium. @emilieverstraeten

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  51. Haley Dicus wrote:

    I love your style! I am always trying to stay professional in the office without looking dull. Your tips will definitely help!

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  52. Bethy wrote:

    I’ve always wondered how to make pink look professional at work, and this is simply a wonderful example. Please show more of these in the foreseeable future!


    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  53. Rouhma wrote:

    I really love your style because it’s classy and pretty ? and it’s not to much. I love EVERYTHING about your style !!!!! ❤

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  54. Mariam wrote:

    I love pink! Thanks for showing how to keep it professional but also fun and super cute! @mpoush xo

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  55. Kristina wrote:

    Use a color as pink is really difficult, but you’ve been able to match it perfectly. A fair equilibrium between simple and sophisticated. @kristina_bi

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  56. Amna wrote:

    Love pink & anyway I can incorporate that into a work look is a win in my book! This sweater looks so chic on you (if only I could pull off a sleeve like that!).

    Ps. That 1990’s Miami club owner bit made me giggle!

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  57. Willemijn wrote:

    Love how this looks on you! I have to be extra careful with pink since I’m a blonde and I don’t want to look too barbie like. 😉

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  58. Lindsey Clements-Acosta wrote:

    Love this look!!! @_linds13_

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  59. Victoria Long wrote:

    As a college senior preparing for graduate school interviews, this post inspires me and excites me as I enter a world of professionalism. Thank you for sharing! @victoria_longg

    Posted 8.29.17 · Reply
  60. Megan wrote:

    Love this whole look!!!

    Megan |

    Posted 9.1.17 · Reply
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