The Ultimate Father’s Day Wish List

Hi everyone! It’s Matt here.

I convinced Olivia to let me play a hand in today’s post. Hopefully, if today goes well, I will be back again here on the blog.  This year being my first Father’s Day, I never really thought about what I’d want for Father’s Day. So I got to looking around to see what places were pitching us dads out there. I put together a few sets of gifts that I thought would make for good inspiration. These are the types of gifts that would cause me to handout fist bumps to any and all takers.

I know this is my first time writing for you but I could use a favor; Please let me know in the comments what your favorite item is or what you are thinking about getting your self, husband, dad, etc. this Father’s Day. Hope you find something awesome!

Have a great week. Oh, keep a look out for the latest video arriving soon over on Instagram…one of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten!

– Matt (intern/papa/husband/photographer/butler)

The Working Dad

The Daily Essentials

The Weekender

Matt’s Look

Bonobos Shirt on sale | DSTLD Denim | J.Crew Boots | Uniqlo Socks (the best socks) | Bulova Watch | Wilsons Leather Bag 


Matt's Father's Day Wishlist


  1. Melissa wrote:

    Hi Matt,
    I just have to say how much I enjoy the Insta videos of you interacting with Sebastian, he’s so cute. For father’s day my husband usually gets a mini shopping spree so he can spruce up his wardrobe since he does not shop as much as I do. These are all great ideas, will need to give the Uniqlo socks a try.

    Posted 5.30.17 · Reply
    • olivia wrote:

      So glad you enjoyed them! Definitely check out the Uniqlo socks. Great t’s as well.

      Posted 5.30.17 · Reply
  2. Joanna wrote:

    Great list Matt!! Love the sunglasses ?

    Posted 5.30.17 · Reply
    • olivia wrote:

      Thanks Joanna!

      Posted 5.30.17 · Reply
  3. Mrs K Coy wrote:

    Really nice choices. I am getting my husband an iPad

    Posted 5.30.17 · Reply
    • olivia wrote:

      Wow, an iPad! Great choice. We love ours.

      Posted 5.30.17 · Reply
  4. Jherell wrote:

    Great picks, Matt! The “Weekender” suggestions were spot-on.

    Posted 5.30.17 · Reply
    • olivia wrote:

      Nice! Thanks for reading, Jherell.

      Posted 5.30.17 · Reply
  5. Elisabeth wrote:

    Hi Matt,

    Liked your ideas (ie face cream, flip flops, work shirts, bathing suit) and will definitely keep them in mind for future father’s day gifts. This year, I decided to get my husband concert tickets for him and a friend as he rarely treats himself.
    Enjoying your 1st Father’s day with Sebastian.

    Posted 5.31.17 · Reply
  6. Matt is such a cool guest blogger! You are such a lucky woman!

    Followed you on BLOGLOVIN
    See you there!

    Dimito Michiyo

    Posted 6.1.17 · Reply

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