10 Things you didn’t know about Sebastian, Batman & Kitty

Can you believe Sebastian turns 5 months old on May 9th? Where does time go?! 

Over the weekend while we were taking photos, Sebastian and Batman started interacting with each other. Thank goodness Matt has the camera. He snapped these adorable photos and I had to share!

A quick update, several weeks ago I shared my experience of having a baby and pets. As you can see, the household is back to normal. Batman and Sebastian are future best friends!

10 Things you didn’t know about Sebastian, Batman & Kitty

  1. Batman and Kitty have become even more needy. Matt and I are always cuddling or snuggling one of these three dependents.
  2. Since it’s getting nice outside, every night you can find Matt, Sebastian, Batman and Pfeiffer on the balcony enjoying the sunset.
  3. Anytime someone comes into the house, Batman watches them very closely when they’re around Sebastian.
  4. As soon as I put Sebastian’s blanket on the floor, Batman immediately lays on it…and he’s not a small pup.
  5. Surprisingly enough, Batman knows the different between his toys and Sebastian.
  6. Sebastian weighs 16 lbs, Batman weights 32 lbs.
  7. Sebastian is fascinated with the pets. This week he started reaching to pet the animals. Although he’s still learning, he’s doing a good of being gentle when reaching for the animals.
  8. Batman is terrified of baths. Anytime we give Sebastian a bath, he hides in the living room.
  9. The pets stay up with me every night. Batman is currently in his doggy bed and Pfeiffer is curled up on the chair behind me.
  10. Batman knows he can’t rough house with Sebastian, so he licks him instead. It’s adorable!

xo, Olivia

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  1. The kissing pictures are my favorite! Beautiful family ?

    Posted 5.3.17 · Reply
    • olivia wrote:

      They are so cute together! Batman loves handing out kisses. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

      Posted 5.3.17 · Reply
  2. Katie wrote:

    They are adorable. Great that they are acting so well together. And by the way I love your new blog design.
    Greetings from Germany


    Posted 5.4.17 · Reply
    • olivia wrote:

      Hi Katie! Thank you so much and appreciate the kind words!
      xo, Olivia

      Posted 5.5.17 · Reply

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