Empowering People All Over The World Through Diamonds

Today, I’m sharing with you a topic that is a little different from our usual content. This is something that I am extremely excited to share with you because it really hit home for us and we felt it would be very beneficial to pass on to you all. We all have shopped for jewelry, and more specifically diamonds. When we hear diamonds, unfortunately, we tend to have pre-conceived notions of the industry and how the diamonds actually get to us. This is certainly something Matt and I thought about 4+ years ago when we looked at engagement rings. One of our primary concerns was making sure that the diamonds we got would be 100% conflict free. So when Diamonds Do Good approached us about partnering with them to share their mission, we thought this would be a perfect topic. There is tremendous value and benefits that diamonds have for the people it directly impacts. There is so much more to it than what we hear in the media. Let me preface by saying that there is no denying the history of diamonds being used by unscrupulous people to achieve devastating ends. However, because of amazing efforts by those I discuss here and others around the world, conflict diamonds now only account for less than 1% of the entire diamond trade. Pretty incredible! I had no idea and today, I really wanted to shed light on just how important this industry is for millions of people around the world as well as a few of the companies and initiatives that are helping to ensure it’s prosperity. I will dive deeper into three of those below but take a look at how diamond companies are supporting programs that are empowering people and transforming lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Truly inspiring work and showing how Diamonds Do Good!

The Diamonds Do Good is an initiative of the Diamond Empowerment Fund, a global non-profit organization whose mission is to support initiatives that develop and empower people in diamond communities worldwide. Their message is to inform consumers about the positive and inspiring stories behind diamonds.

Brilliant Earth is a jewelry maker who strives to make jewelry as beautiful as it can be. They are passionate about cultivating a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry. 5% of profits go directly toward education, environmental restoration, and economic development. Learn more on how Brilliant Earth is helping to make a difference!

The Diamond Development Initiative works to transform artisanal mining into a source of sustainable development. A part of their mission is to send mobile schools to children in dining mining communities, taking them from the mine to the classroom. Get involved in any of the following 4 ways: donate, write a letter, ask a jeweler, tell your friends.


xo, Olivia

*This post is in partnership with Diamonds Do Good, Brilliant Earth, & Diamond Development Initiative




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