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The eternal question, can we have it all?

After Sheryl Sandberg wrote Lean In, I often found myself asking that very question. Can I have it all? The career, family, friends, hobbies, and everything else my heart desires… Absolutely! Granted, I’m not the C-Level Executive of a multimillion company. But, why not?

Nowadays there are so many tools and services available to enable both women and men to scale and almost be superhuman. Run out of clean shirt, drop it off at the wash & fold, need dish soap, order it from Amazon. With the huge wave of technology and innovation, we have so much more at the tips of our fingers than my parents ever imagined. I remember my parents coming home from work and starting to cook dinner, if they needed milk for dinner…my dad had to run out to the store and get it. The ability to text a delivery service and have them bring milk to your door simply didn’t exist. We’re so lucky to have services and a lot of these conveniences we can take for granted. The one thing we can’t do is buy more time so we have to find ways to either cut back or become much more efficient at everything we do. I feel most of us end up trying a little of both.

One aspect of our life that we are just not good at in our household is meal planning. It is quite inefficient and cooking a meal from scratch every night is nearly impossible. Matt and I love to maintain a healthy diet (at least in theory). We try our hardest to have healthy snacks and meals available, but since the birth of Sebastian most of our meals have been pizza, quesadillas and other hodgepodge meals we put together. One night I remember looking at Matt and saying, we need to look into getting our meals delivered. It’s just too time consuming for us to plan our meals, go grocery shopping, buy the ingredients and then cook dinner. We even tried to justify takeout a few nights out of the week, but after a few nights of $35 dinners, we knew it wasn’t possible. More so, the food wasn’t that healthy and it’s simply not sustainable to do that from a lifestyle perspective. Our pocketbooks are now thanking us.

In the past we’ve tried a few food services, but after a few months we grew tired of the recipes and the amount of time it took to prepare the meals. We found ourselves in the kitchen for over an hour preparing the meals and we both had work to do still. One of us would typically be making dinner while the other was in the living room working on the computer. We wanted to make the process much more convenient and easy enough for us both to be together with Sebastian during dinner time. Fast forward to January 2017, we’re back on the market for a service that delivers healthy meals for families.

Insert Green Chef, a organic meal kit that takes the heavy lifting for the busy household…like ours. They have seven meals plans available, including omnivore, carnivore, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and family plans. Check out their upcoming menu, the Patatas Bravas Skewers look delicious! We signed up for the Family plan, that includes ingredients for two recipes that each serve two adults and two children. They also have 2-Person Plan that delivers once a week with three recipes and services two people. You can see more of the meal plans here (scroll to the bottom).

Each week you can schedule your delivery and it arrives at your doorstep in eco-friendly package. We love that the box is insulated, so there’s no need to be home when it arrives. The ingredients are fresh, easy to prepare, and the meals are simply delicious. More importantly, the meals only take 30 minutes to prepare! Matt is the chef in the house and one of his biggest inconvenience is having to shop for all the individual ingredients. This has been a pretty big game changer and truly frees up precious time in the evenings. We are super excited to have found Green Chef and would recommend checking them out.

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This post was created in collaboration with Green Chef, as always, all words, opinions and photography are my own. 

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    Omg, these photos are SO cute! I love this little family cooking sesh!

    Pink Champagne Problems

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  2. Valerie wrote:

    SOOO CUTE! Your family looks super beautiful.

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