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Regardless of what we are doing or where we are going, getting ready is always a process…

We often times don’t think much of it because we do this everyday but it always quite the task. There are typically steps we complete each time in order as it has become routine for us. For me, I do hair, then make-up, and then get dressed. Hair is always the doozy for me as it’s the one that takes the longest but it is well worth it. I have long, thick hair so drying, curling or using a flat-iron is a quite the undertaking. My hair -bun game has come in to play a lot more ever since my pregnancy began because I was cooped up at home more often and had time to play around with different looks.

Next comes make-up and for me it’s a pretty pain-free process, as I generally follow a strict routine outside of changing up my lip color. If it is a more formal outing I may add something a little extra but I try to keep a natural look with a bold lipstick, of course. My outfit is always picked out prior (or at least I try) so that is done quickly as I am usually flying out the door. After I get out of the elevator and into the lobby, I often realize I forgot something so I rush back upstairs to grab whatever it is. Time gets away from us as getting ready takes time and effort.

Now that we little Sebastian, time is very restricted so I really have to be prepared. One of the things I tend to forget until the very end and I really don’t know why, is antiperspirant. There is truly nothing worse to forget and it’s not as though we carry it around with us in our purse, like lipstick.

Dove Deodorant Banana Republic Black and White Strip Shirt Getting Ready in New York City Corporate Catwalk Olivia Jeanette 3

A game changer has come into my life…I just found Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant. Even though it is cold here in New York, it is absolutely essential to feeling good and smelling fresh. With dry skin always a concern, there is no concern with Dove, as it comes with a 1/4 moisturizing formula. It goes on instantly dry and keeps odor and wetness away. With Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant you can just #ShakeSprayandGo and have 48-hour protection. Even though it is cold out, I tend to perspire with all the layers, particular when getting on and off the subway constantly. It has truly become a lifesaver in this regard.
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xo, Olivia

This post was created in collaboration with Dove, as always, all words, opinions and photography are my own. 

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