We all have those days where we stare into our closet and draw a blank. “Ugh, I don’t have anything to wear. What am I suppose to wear with these slacks?” This happens all the time. It is usually on those in between days where we need something that is not too professional nor super casual. When in doubt, stick to the basics. Remember that this is why you have your staple pieces. They will, more times than not, give you the base to build a great outfit last minute.

I stick to my black heels and blazers. Whether I am heading out to meet a girlfriend for lunch or meeting with a brand, you will look put together but not as if you are going into the boardroom. Even if you are just going out shopping, simply swap out the heels for a cute pair of flats. There are always ways to accessorize your staple pieces to give you a fresh, new look. Spending on staple pieces such as a blazer, pencil skirt, heels, or jeans is a good investment and will save you in times of crisis. So, the next time you stare into your closet with fear, just know that you have what you need to look great!


Blazer | Shirt | Denim | Heels | Sunglasses

xo, Olivia


  1. I want those jeans! So cute!

    Posted 10.17.16 · Reply
  2. I love the look! I always run into the issue of what to wear!! jeans and a white top always works!

    Posted 10.18.16 · Reply

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