A Little Taste of Mexico in Central Park


I love finding these types of embroidered dresses because they always remind me of Mexico. Not just when I’m vacationing in Mexico, but it always reminds me of my family.

One of the best things about being raised in a household with an American father and Mexican mother, is being brought up with two perspectives in life. Take music for example, my two favorite singers as a child were Queen and Selena. Do you remember cassette tapes? Well I owned two of them, well three if you’re counting Michael’s Jackson’s Greatest Hits, but who didn’t own that tape! At ten years old, “Fat Bottomed Girls” and “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” were always on repeat in my room. My mom got me into Selena and other latin artists and my Dad liked Queen and all things Rock n’ Roll. My father taught me about American history, while my mother told me stories about her time growing up in Mexico and her family. I learned so much from them both.

One of the things I love most about clothes is that it can tell a story. You always remember the times you have had in your favorite clothing and the places you had been and people you were with…much like your favorite songs. So about this dress, it’s from Zara. I absolutely love the colors and detail. These are the staples of my Mom’s wardrobe. To an outsider it might just look like a beautiful vibrant dress, but to me, it means a little bit more and reminds me of more. There’s a story for everything…









Zara Dress | Manolo Heels | Sunglasses | Chloe Bag

Here are a few more of my favorite embroidered dresses that can easily be transitioned from summer to fall.

xo, Olivia


  1. Liv wrote:

    Love the embroidered details!!



    Posted 7.28.16 · Reply
    • Thanks Liv! Yes, the detail is what really sets it apart. Thanks for reading!!

      Posted 8.1.16 · Reply
  2. Raina Elegado wrote:

    Love this look!! The dress is beautiful 🙂

    xo Raina

    Posted 7.28.16 · Reply
  3. The Fashion Mixologist wrote:

    Beautiful outfit! the shoes, the bag and the dress everything is just perfect 🙂

    Posted 7.28.16 · Reply
  4. You look gorgeous!

    Posted 7.28.16 · Reply
  5. Ariana Lauren wrote:

    I’m in love with this Zara dress! It looks so good on you!


    Posted 7.29.16 · Reply
  6. Sandra Fernandes wrote:

    I love your words, I am from Brazil.

    Posted 8.3.16 · Reply
  7. Ron wrote:

    Romantic New York at the Angel of the Waters…

    “She walks in beauty, like the night
    Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
    And all that’s best of dark and bright
    Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
    Thus mellowed to that tender light
    Which heaven to gaudy day denies…”

    Posted 2.10.23 · Reply

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