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Working in the corporate world, it’s important to always look put together and presentable. You never know when your CEO or SVP will show up at the office. The easiest way to stay meeting ready is to ensure your wardrobe is always wrinkle-free. That, and nicely creased trousers, is one of the most important parts of my wardrobe.
I guess you could say that’s my “brand.” When I’m sifting through my closet in the morning, if I find anything that’s wrinkled, I won’t wear it. When I have time the night before, I’ll iron or steam my outfit, but if I have to do it in the morning, all bets are off. There’s no way I’ll be wearing it to the office.
So when I was introduced to the SWASH system by Whirlpool, the idea blew my mind. This is exactly what I needed for my busy lifestyle! After reading the reviews and talking to a few people, I reached out to SWASH team and talked about doing a collaboration. I wanted to test out the machine and, depending on my experience, share it with my readers. Well, after 4 weeks of having the machine, it’s a keeper!  Matt and I both use it almost every morning, my husband more often than me. He’s always been good about waking up early and ironing his clothing before work… I’m usually running around the house just trying to get out the door on time!
This is a typical top I’ll wear to work: silk or polyester. We all know that it’s expensive to dry clean silk tops, so every time I need to freshen one up, it comes at a cost… $6.95 to be exact. When I come home and change at the end of a long day, I tend to throw my tops over the back of a chair. You can slightly see the creases in the top here that result from this. Even though it’s not dirty, I would normally take it to the dry cleaner (and spend that $6.95) just to get the wrinkles out and freshen it up.
After pulling my winter clothes from storage, my clothing had deep creases and smelled a little dull. I freshened up wool skirts (like the one J.Crew skirt above & below), sweaters and blazers by using the SWASH system.
The SWASH machine made this much easier with their at home clothing care system. They save this household tons of time and money. Not to mention, it’s not harsh on our clothing like the industrial washer/dryer we have in our apartment building and the dry cleaners are.
We hang our clothing on the SWASH adjustable hanger, clip the edges to get out wrinkles, load the machine with a SWASH pod and start the cycle! Two cycles are available, the standard 10 minute cycle and the extended 15 minute cycle – this extends drying time for you heaver clothing. The SWASH system sprays a superfine mist on both sides of the hanging clothes. Again, this is great to dewrinkle clothing, but it’s also great to freshen up clothes. For sweaters, blazers and trousers that need to be freshened up before the next wear, this machine is great to maintain the longevity of your clothing, but smell like you just got it out of the dryer.


We love the SWASH system. We use it daily and have been really impressed with the results. I think with every product, there are things to think about before purchasing. That being said, this will not replace your iron and dry cleaners. I still take my pants to the dry cleaners to be cleaned and pressed (I like the crease). It will also not alleviate deep wrinkles in thicker materials. For example, Matt has several button up shirts that have deep wrinkles that just still need to be ironed. But for a daily refresh, the machine is wonderful. Having used the system for several weeks, my only con about the machine is that it’s large, especially for a New Yorker. We have the machine tucked away in our bedroom hallway, but it does need enough room to take your clothes out of the system. When the door is closed, the dimensions of the device are 50″ tall x 16.5″ wide x 30″ deep. As you can see in the photos, I’m about the same size as the machine.
Regardless, I’m so happy with the SWASH machine. Looking your best starts before you leave the house in the morning, and I know this will make me look and feel confident throughout the day. I genuinely feel like it’s expanded my wardrobe, too, as I finally have the option to wear things that would otherwise be just a little too wrinkly to wear to the office, like that silk top I left draped over a chair for a little too long. It’s a wardrobe match made in heaven.Special thanks to SWASH for sponsoring today’s post! If anyone has any questions regarding the SWASH system, please email me at I’m happy to share more of my personal experiences and tips! 

Photos by Lydia Hudgens




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