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Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing a holiday hair tutorial, as some of you might know, one of my signature looks on Corporate Catwalk. I’ll be using the Lionesse Tool Set to show you how to get full curls for the holidays!
Prior to heating your hair, make sure your hair is completely dry. Try and remove all the moisture out of your hair with a blowdryer. This eliminates frizz and will make your curls stay longer.


Step 1: use the mini hair straightener to smooth out pieces around my face.
Haven’t curly hair, the ‘baby’ hair around my face is prone to frizziness. This small straighter helps eliminate frizz and curly. Also, the smaller straightener isn’t as hot as a normal straightener, so it doesn’t burn the delicate hair around my face.
Step 2: Use the 1.5″ Ceramic Straightener to smooth the hair in the back of my head, which is often forgotten about when styling hair. I use a straightener at the roots of my hair to give it a more sleek look. Also, if it’s rainy outside, use a ceramic straightener to smooth out hair and reduce frizz.

White Caged Dress

Step 3: wrap hair around the Barrel Curling Wand. I typically section off my hair, starting from the bottom. Take a small piece of hair and wrap your hair around wand. This takes some practice, but after a few tries, you’ll be an expert. It’s also recommended to use a glove when curling, the wand is really hot!


Step 4: Use a paddle brush to smooth out the curls and give you fuller hair. This will add volume to hair. You can also run fingers through hair to separate the curls.
There you have it! You’re ready for your holiday party!




JOA Caged Dress in black
Hair & Makeup by Amanda Thesen
Thank you Lionesse for sponsoring this post. 
xo, Olivia
Photos by Lydia Hudgens



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