Five Stylish Work Dresses under $100

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one :: Mango $40 
two :: Mango $100
three :: Reiss $79
four :: House of Fraser $97
five :: Zara $70

 Hello everyone! It’s freezing in Manhattan. Burrrr….

 Last night when I sat down to put together this collage, I thought I’d be done within thirty minutes, however to my surprise there weren’t a lot of stylish and appropriate work dresses under $100. Most dresses advertised as “work” wear were either too tight or too short. I always see these dresses and wonder who really wears this to work. Most of these “work dresses” look like sexy and sophisticated going out dresses. Then on the other hand, there were a ton of designer dresses for $1,000+, which doesn’t make sense for most young women starting a career. After a few hours of flipping through hundreds of dresses I found these five dresses and I’m in love with each dress and would wear them to the office any day of the week (the first dress with a cardigan). I feel in love House of Fraser, it’s a high quality department store based in the UK and Ireland, you’ll be sure to find a few great pieces for your closet.

There are so many tricks to wearing dresses to work; is it too short, is it too tight; are the sleeves appropriate, does it show too much cleavage…the list goes on.  Hopefully retailers and designers will start focusing on a line for the everyday working women in the future because I’d love to start wearing dresses to the office more often. Hope you enjoyed my five picks!

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