Champagne in Central Park


 Good morning! Yesterday Matt and I trained up to Central Park and to our surprise (in the 10 degree weather) the park was full of people! Moments like today remind us why we moved to New York. Central Park is magical. Kids sledding, families taking photos, children making snowmen and people ice skating to the beautiful holiday music. It’s true, New York is truly a winter wonderland.
All bundled up, we walked around the park for about an hour and we finally found a great spot to sit down and enjoy a glass of champagne. Yep, we brought champagne to the park. It seemed appropriate.
As you can see I was all bundled up. For those ladies who live someplace cold, I highly recommend this North Face Down Insulated Arctic Parka. The recommendation came from a friend who lives in Chicago. She doesn’t like wearing a lot of layers to work, so she got this coat because she can wear one layer of clothes and throw on this coat and withstand below freezing weather. I threw on my favorite Sorel boots and Surell fur headband. Although it was freezing outside, I was comfortable walking around Central Park for a few hours.
*Oh yes, the reason I look like a marshmallow is because I put my faux fur vest underneath thinking I’d take a few outfit photos. Too cold to take off my coat.


Parka :: North Face (also love this coat)
Boots :: Sorel Boots (similar here on sale)
Headband :: Surell 
xo, Olivia


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