5 Statement Necklaces under $50

5 Statement Necklaces under $50

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite statement necklaces under $50! For years I never wore jewelry. I had a turquoise ring my mom got me when I was young and I wore it for year. In high school and college my mom and best friend would buy me jewelry and encourage me to wear it with my outfits. For some reason I could never get into rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings…you name it, I didn’t know how to wear it with my outfits. 
Till one day, I still remember it like it was yesterday, I walked into my mom’s room and asked her what she thought of my outfit and she said I needed a necklace because jewelry is what makes your clothes “pop”. Since that day I’ve slowly learned how to wear jewelry with my everyday “look”, mostly necklaces. This season I promised myself I’d try a few earrings. The statement earrings are so cute! 
Here’s are five great necklaces for any woman’s collection. I like these necklaces because they’re not too loud, but they also have a little bling. This makes a plain black tee or oxford shirt look like fashionable and elegant. Try it! Next time you have a collar shirt on, put a statement necklace under the collar and you’ll look like a million bucks!
one :: Sabine bib statement necklace 48.00
two :: Zara necklace 30.00 
three :: Sabine gypsy jewelry 48.00 
four :: Zara white pearl necklace 30.00
five :: ASOS jewelry 32.00 


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