DIY :: Chalkboard Wine Glasses

 Looking forward to finally post this DIY! A few weeks ago I hosted a wine & cheese blogger event. While looking through several Pinterest ideas, I stumbled upon DIY chalkboard wine glasses. I was in love! The project looked easy and I’m always up for a quick DIY project.
We had extra chalkboard paint from the accent wall I painted in our room and picked up a set of wine glasses from TJ Maxx for $14.99. I dug through my craft supplies and found a sponge brush and masking tape. The project took 2 hour from beginning to end.
1. Wash & dry wine glasses
2. Tape glasses 1 inch above base
3. Paint first coat & let dry for 15mins 
4. Paint second coat & let dry for 15mins
I’d recommend dipping the glasses if I were to do over again, check out video tutorial here
Use a drop cloth prior to painting
Wait 24 hours prior to writing on chalkboard
Hope you enjoy the tutorial. Anyone who loves “DIY” projects I’d recommend having a can of chalkboard paint in you house. There are so many great ideas on how to use throughout your home.


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