Last Minute Gift Ideas for Kids

The boys have been getting toys from Walmart their whole lives.  For last minutes gift ideas or for that special toy your little one has been saving up for, it’s Walmart. Sebastian saves the money he earns from doing his “chores” to go to Walmart to buy a new toy. We have Walmart locations close by but their online delivery is great too. They just have so much selection of play toys, developmental toys, crafts, sports, etc. Hard to beat their prices as well. As you know, regardless of what is on your list, they more than likely have it. They are always having deals, whether it be value boxes, rollbacks on top toys or other discounts.

During this last weekend’s trip to Walmart, we picked up a few things for Sebastian. The first toy we decided to grab for Sebastian was this Little People Raceway for Sebastian. We left Sebastian’s old racetrack with our neighbor’s in NYC, so this has been on his list for months. It promotes learning with the different paths the cars take and Sebastian is able to use his other Hot Wheel cars on the track. The toy is for ages 1.5 to 5 years.


Promotes Learning + Imaginary Play

Learning toys have come so far in our household, especially this year. Games on the iPad have been great for Sebastian but we still love the standing toys that allow us to play together. Brands like Little Tikes and Fischer Price have a wide variety for all ages.

Cars + Raceways

Sebastian and Matt have always played with Hot Wheels and other toy cars. They are always building makeshift ramps and bridges. Sebastian loves racetracks so we got him a new one that works with all his cars. Perfect for any kid who loves cars.



Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are some of my favorite things to gift and  receive. They’re the gift that keeps on giving! Especially this year, when at-home-learning has taking a key role in everyone’s life. This LeapPad Academy is on my wishlist of toys for Sebastian this year. He’s not at the point where he finds these types of games interesting and they hold his attention. What I like most about LeapPad is that it has over 2,000 games and activities for ages 3-8 years old. We also love Melissa & Doug toys!

LeapPad Academy


Ever since Sebastian was little we’ve been huge fans of Vtech. We love that the toys promote learning and advancement of technology. A few years ago, Sebastian received this camera (seen in this post) as a gift and he still uses it today. Love looking back at photos we took a few years ago. VTech now has a new camera available and it comes with a tripod. If your kid is really active, the idea of gifting a VTech Smartwatch is perfect. Fun way for them to learn to tell time. Plus, they can take photos and play interactive games.




As a long time fan of Barbie,  I love wandering down the Barbie line at Walmart to see what is new. The Barbie DreamHouse is so gorgeous. My nieces are starting to get older but they still love their dolls.

Scooters + Hoovers

We’re all huge fans of scooters in our family. Walmart has a wide variety of both bikes, scooters and hoverboards for kids. Sebastian is too young for a hoover board, but he cant wait till he is old enough. We are going to be watching Back To The Future to show him what the hoverboard looks like on screen. I think Matt is going to get one for himself for Christmas.


Wish you all a very Happy Holiday Shopping Season!

xo, Olivia

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