My May Amazon Purchases

Today,  I’m sharing a round up of my May purchases from Amazon. I love finding little gold nuggets on Amazon and find that when others post about their favorite items, I tend to pick-up a couple for myself. It’s great to constantly hear about new items or new brands in the market from those you follow. It’s great to be aware of what’s going on in the market and also to learn what new brands are coming to market. Let me know if you have any questions around any of the items I talk about below.


My summer wardrobe needs more basic pieces and this swing dress is a good addition to my other statement pieces. I also thought about getting this dress. I tend to wear a ton of wrap dresses.

Speaking of statement pieces, this chain link necklace is gorgeous. Love wearing it when I want to dress up a basic white tee.

The softest bodysuit and pulls everything in for a slimmer look with my denim.

A few years ago, I purchased a similar swimsuit (worn here) and love how flattering it looked on my body. I’m giving this black swimsuit a try when we get back to the beach.

Been looking for a wide leg trouser and these are perfect to wear with a swimsuit or other crop tops this summer.


I’ve seen this egg cooker all over social media, and since we eat a lot of eggs, I wanted to give it a try. Love the convenience of cooking eggs. If I want one hard boiled egg for lunch, it’s easier than having to boil a pot of water.

We’re starting to clean our office and home and these storage bins are durable and easy to stack.

The light bulbs are a little random, but I didn’t like the warm lights we had in our apartment. We decided to switch them out to a cooler color lightbulb. They are much softer and are also great energy savers! Plus, pictures look better.

If you have animals, you’re probably familiar with Folex. It’s a lifesaver for spots throughout our home.

I think I own every avocado gadget! This 3-in-1 avocado slicer splits, pits and slices. It is certainly not necessary but we are avocado fanatics here at home.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I’ve shared these double walled glasses a few times. They’re still being used for my ice coffees and iced cocktails.


Last week, I shared my work from home office and the most common requests was the laptop stand. Since I’m so petite, I can also stand up at my desk and type.

These tiny garbage cans have been a huge hit in our home. Easy to place in any room, especially a small office, nursery or bathroom. We have one in each room.

This next Amazon find is one I’m so thankful I stumbled upon. It’s been super convenient to have my iPhone and Apple watch docked right next to my laptop. The stand comes in a few colors and just makes things so much more organized.

My blue light blocking glasses have been such a huge hit with so many of you! Glad you like the style. They’re only $16 and incredibly lightweight.

We have countless number of camera stands in our home, but this tripod with ring light has been great to move around when facetiming Grandma during bath time or filming videos. I originally got them for Zoom calls, but I’ve found so many other ways to utilize the stand.


Our last purchase in the month of May was this baby 2-in-1 chair for Baby Hugo. We’ve wanted to have something in our home to sit him up to work on his posture and neck strength. We looked at several chairs and finally decided on this brand. Tons of positive reviews. Sebastian’s booster seat is from the same brand and we’re huge fans.

The cutest lion towel for baby Hugo. It’s the perfect size for newborns and children under one. Great gift idea. It’s so adorable. I can’t stop taking photos of him with his lion’s mane.

We love matching pajama sets for Sebastian. Discovered this style from Rachel Parcel Instagram. They have tons of different styles and patterns.

Last week, we got this tie dye set in the mail for the boys. It was a ton of fun. These worked wonder because you could spray them onto the clothes. The spray was easy for me to use, but a little difficult for Sebastian. Perfect activity for the kids especially with Summer now upon us.

Sebastian just went through a growth spurt, so we picked him up a few new pairs of shoes for summer. These are excellent for kids to slip on and off.


Thank you for reading! Happy Shopping.

xo, Olivia

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