My Must-Have Items for Baby’s First Few Months

When it comes to baby products, we are very selective on what items we bring into our home. Living in NYC, not only do we have to find a place to put them, but we also have to find a place to store them afterwards. That’s ok. It forces us to get creative. Here’s a look back at some of our favorite baby products with Sebastian.

small NYC nursery

SNOO Smart Bassinet – Matt and I joke that if we could keep one thing we ever owned, it would be the SNOO. Take everything we own in our home, just don’t take the SNOO! Sebastian thrived in the bassinet. After just a few days, he would sleep through the night. It was amazing!! Now with Hugo, he has more digestive issues as a newborn, so we didn’t have the luck of him sleeping through the night. However, we’ve had a lot of success with him falling to sleep right away in the SNOO. Every day he sleeps a little longer than the day before, which is huge for us. The SNOO now offers a rental service for the bassinet. I’ve heard not every baby takes to it, which is totally understandable as every baby is different. If you’re curious about the crib, I’d highly recommend looking into the rental service. We love the safety first outlook on the crib as well.

small NYC nursery

Nanit Camera – this is in our top 3 favorite baby products we’ve ever owned. We could write an entire post on the perks of this camera. As you probably know, we love incorporating tech whenever we can and this one is incredibly innovative for baby cameras. We had another baby cam for Sebastian that was just ok. Plus, it broke after a year. Now we have Wyze for Sebastian, which works perfectly for him in his toddler+ years. As for the Nanit, it tracks when the baby is sleeping, it also records when the baby wakes up or is attended to throughout the day. I personally think this is great for parents with caregivers. This gives you full access to your child’s schedule and daily activity. It also allows you to track your child’s breathing through wearable technology and can alert you if something is off. Brilliant.

Dockatot Deluxe+ – We didn’t have the Dockatot with Sebastian. We considered getting it several times, but opted out due to a lack of space in our old NYC apartment. Now that we have much more space, we knew this was something we wanted for Hugo and our family. It’s great when we want to lounge on the sofa and watch movies. Hugo can be right there with us. Also, when we’re playing family games, we can put him right next to us in the Dockatot. The portability is what we love the  most. We love including him as much as possible during family time.

Tiny Love Activity Gym Play Mat – This is one of our more recent purchases and it has quickly become a huge hit. Hugo loves the little singing bird on this activity gym. We started Hugo out with the same activity gym we had for Sebastian, but Hugo didn’t interact with anything on the mat. This new one is much more interactive and interesting to him. It’s stimulating for him and occupies his time.

Bouncer Bliss – This is another recent get and another immediate hit. I know we love everything but it really depends on the day as to which one we love most. This bouncer is great for us because we’re able to take Hugo in different rooms while we carry on with our daily life. We also love that we can interact with him while we cook dinner, wash dishes, work at our desk, do daily choirs, etc. Highly recommend, especially if you already have a little one running around your home.

Tommee Tippee Bottles – Our absolute favorite bottle. As brand new parents with Sebastian, we tried out a few other bottles, but I was really unhappy with the multiple parts and leakage. For someone like me, I wanted the simplest and most effective bottles for Sebastian and me. When we were introduced to Tommee Tippee, the search was over. We love the nipples to the bottle. It made it easy for me to switch back and forth from breastfeeding. We also loved the durability of the bottle. Now for Hugo, Tommee Tippee has now created 3-in-1 glass bottles, which make the bottle even more functional for our family. It’s also great because Hugo can use these bottles as drinking cups and snack cups as he grows. The durability and ease of cleaning makes it ideal as well! Love that the brand is coming out with so many other amazing baby product. They have them all listed here.

Sollybaby Wrap Carrier – the Solly wrap is my absolute favorite carrier. We did recently get a new carrier, but I prefer less bulky ones at least now that he is still so small. What I love about the Solly wrap is that I can easily take it with me anywhere. It folds up nicely in my bag without taking up too much room. I also love it because of the fit of the baby to my body. Love feeling my children next to me in the wrap. Both Sebastian and Hugo have loved the Solly wrap.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller – Another baby product we had with Sebastian. We wouldn’t have had such an easy time in the city without the UPPAbaby. It’s an incredibly durable stroller. It can sustain the busy streets of NYC, constantly folding up to go in and out of cabs and also carries the weight of our dog, Batman (30+ lbs), in the carriage below the seats. We also love it because it grows with your family. It has attachments to carry our newborn and toddler. Tons of useful bells and whistles that make parenting that much easier. They have more on their site about all the updates they’ve made to the *Vista stroller.

*We’ll be doing a full post on the stroller at a later date. Stay tuned!

Yogasleep Sound Machines – Our absolute favorite sound machine we have owned! These are so great. The portable sound machine work wonders when traveling with baby. It could be half way across the world or at the grandparent’s house. If you want to put the baby down for a nap and the family is making a ton of noise, simply attach the sound machine to the car seat or bassinet for nap time.

Skiphop 3-stage tub – We’ve had this tub since we had Sebastian in 2017. We love it! We were able to use it during the newborn stages and through his toddler years. Sebastian still uses the tub, which we love because we don’t waste as much water during bath time. A few months ago, I decided to get Hugo this tub from Target, but I realized that I need to fill up the entire bathtub (or get a tub separator) to use it properly. A reader actually suggested using the tub when going to the beach. Her family uses it when on the beach, instead of putting the little one of the towels and getting sand all over the place. Love this idea!

Ingenuity Booster – is one of our most used baby items. We started using it after month 4 and it has been great for both Hugo and our family. Now that we’re in the eating stage, he’s able to sit at the table with us and eat 3x a day with the family. The chair is also easy to clean and use. The tray can easily be stored in the bottom of the chair. We use it for all sorts of activities with Hugo, especially playing with his toys.

What are some of your favorite baby products that you can’t live without? Would love to hear from you. Hope you enjoyed the post! For the expecting mamas, here are a few of my must-haves throughout the pregnancy.

xo, Olivia

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