Corporate Catwalk Office Clean Up

As a growing business, we constantly have inventory coming in and out of our office. On top of that, we have our office supplies, my own clothes for shooting, and clients visiting our office. Long story short, we don’t have a lot of free space. When we first moved in, we resorted to using plastic shelves to organize everything. While it worked for the time being, they didn’t look great. I wanted to work in a space where I felt comfortable and it looked neat and organized. The plastic shelves were just not doing it for me! That’s why we partnered with ClosetMaid and NEAT Method NYC to create a custom closet that would leave our space looking and feeling organized.


Building the Closet

Installing the closet from ClosetMaid was relatively painless. We provided the measurements of the space where we wanted the open closet to go and ClosetMaid did the rest. We knew we wanted a place for all of our inventory from our shoes to our dresses and shirts. Also, we needed a place to have all of our office supplies completely organized.  What ClosetMaid gave us was far beyond what we could have imagined. The pieces arrived as separates that we had to put together. For time purposes, we hired a Task Rabbit, but if we hadn’t, the closet would have been easy to put together.

When it first came, the closet was divided into about 15 boxes. Each box was a separate part of the closet and had instructions on how to put the part together. Once we had all the separate parts built, the closet came together seamlessly.

Organizing with NEAT Method NYC

After we had our closet built, we had Louisa from NEAT Method come in and organize our products. Louisa was so easy to work with and after we told her what we had in mind for our space to look like, she made it look flawless. Everything was completely organized. After she got a feel for our space, we were able to work together to buy products from the Container Store to make Louisa’s vision a reality. She whipped everything in our back room into shape. From our extra pens to our inventory, everything is labeled and has a place, which I LOVE. I cannot recommend her enough.


Building out a closet and hiring an organizer was such a great decision. It feels so good to feel comfortable and organized in our office and I cannot recommend the process enough. What questions do you have about ClosetMaid and hiring an organizer? Let me know in the comments and I will be sure to answer!

xo, Olivia


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