A Suitcase for the Traveling Woman

After my post on relaxing while traveling for work, I got a lot of questions about my packing process for when I travel. Packing can be overwhelming. I’ve tried using packing cubes and sectioning off my clothes, but it’s not always ideal. I recently discovered Andiamo Luggage and realized this was exactly what I needed for short work trips.


It’s a combination between a carry-on hard shelled suitcase and a computer bag. The layout inside the suitcase is perfect for carrying your shoes, your laptop, accessories, clothes and more. The suitcase offers a slot specifically for your laptop and has a velcro latch that keeps it from sliding out as you open and close the luggage. Sitting just behind the laptop sleeve is a section for your shoes. One of my biggest pet peeves with standard luggages is having separation between my shoes and clothes. This works perfectly. There are two small zip pockets in front of the laptop sleeve that provides separate space for your tech cords, jewelry, passport, keys, chargers, etc.

The bottom half of the suitcase is standard with an open section for all your clothes, hair and beauty tools, and toiletries. There is also a sleeve that clips to keep everything in place and gives you a pocket for books, magazines, Ipad, etc. It also has a key code locking mechanism should you want the added security, particularly if you would look to check your suitcase. This is truly the best travel luggage I have found yet.


Pros and Cons


Durable and Stylish

We all know that durability and style do not always come hand in hand when it comes to suitcases. I love how this Andiamo suitcase has a great lock and is sturdy but doesn’t look too bulky. I feel like so many luggage companies make suitcases that are just too bulky.


As I mentioned above, the sections of the suitcase are WONDERFUL. Having separation between everything creates less chaos for me and makes the unpacking process a little more streamlined.


This suitcase is so lightweight. It is such a nice change from the typically heavy luggage that we have carried with us for so many years. It makes it so easy to get around the airport as we travel to our destination.



A couple things to keep in mind with the Andiamo luggage. First, it is fairly small. It would be difficult to hold more than a couple days worth of clothes. Second, as with most all hard shelled suitcases, it doesn’t expand so you really have to plan out what you are going to take with you. There are times, particularly when we need to shoot a lot of content, this luggage is simply too small to use as my primary. While extremely well thought out, durable, clean, and good looking, it is on the small side. Not always an issue but you should probably have another option should have the need for more stuff.

Final Thoughts

Traveling has been a big part of our business and family life and we are always looking for more ways to make traveling more convenient and efficient. The Andiamo luggage certainly helps us do that and I love having this smaller option, particularly when traveling with Sebastian. The smaller the luggage and the less items I have to carry when he is with me, the better. Running through the airport with big luggage chasing Sebastian is less than ideal but all us parents have done it. Anything to make the travel experience better, I am all for it.

Have any of you changed up your luggage recently? What are you using and why do you love it? Let me know!

xo, Olivia

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