Generation Z Survey Results

This week at the office we have been talking about ways to market to Gen Zers. Generation Z is loosely defined as the demographic of people born between the mid 1990s and the mid 2000s. Now more than ever it is important to understand Generation Z. They are the future of the workplace and starting this year, they are the generation entering the workforce. In the past month, I have hired three employees belonging to Gen Z. They are crazy hard workers and I am so happy they joined my team.

While it is important to have a specific target market, it is also important to understand the up and coming workforce. This is so we can continue to grow as a brand and cater to women of all ages. These thoughts and discussions led me to ask a series of survey questions on my Instagram stories and I’m excited to show you the results! Please note though, some people answer just to see the results on Instagram. Therefore, every poll taken may not be 100% accurate.


Are you a Gen Z?

87% of you said no. This means that 13% of my followers are a part of Generation Z.

How do you discover new brands?

Instagram vs. Through Friends

Gen Z and non Gen Z both discover new brands on Instagram. We thought that non Gen Z would find out about new brands more via word of mouth and through friends. However, nowadays almost everyone is on Instagram so it is not that surprising that most people find out about new brands via Instagram.

What’s more important to you, customer experience or brand story?

Surprisingly, both Generation Z and non Generation Z said they found customer experience to be more important to them. As a team, we were thinking that Gen Z might favor brand story more because we thought that Gen Zers really care about companies social corporate responsibility.

Would you describe yourself as a loyal customer or are you more inclined to try new brands?

59% of non Gen Z said that they were loyal to brands whereas 55% of Gen Z said that they were always seeking new brands to try. This did not come as a surprise to us but it is interesting to note. Gen Zers are known for their desire to be looking for the next big brand to discover or even create themselves.

On a scale of 1-10, how important is your career growth?

Per our results, career growth is important to both Generation Z and non Generation Z. I think we were surprised by this. When we were discussing Generation Z on Monday, we were under the impression that it wasn’t that they didn’t care about career growth but rather they care more about gaining experience to enable them to start their own business. Generation Z has an entrepreneurial spirit that would be really interesting to look into more.

Do people take you seriously at work?

86% of non Gen Zers said that they felt they were taken seriously at work. This is a lot higher compared to the 59% of the Gen Zers who said they felt taken seriously.

Final Thoughts

Talking about different generations can prove to be a very interesting discussion. I read all of your comments on the subject and found them to be telling of how people interact in the workplace. Many of you stated that younger people in general aren’t taken as seriously in the workplace. This is not something that only defines Generation Z but has defined generations for many years. I also found that Generation Z places a huge emphasis on balance in their lives. All of these nuances are important to understand when starting a business.

While looking at different generations is not a tell all, studying them is helpful in understanding how different ages interact with one another. It is important to understand your target market AND those outside of it so that you can continue to grow as a brand.

I find looking at and comparing different generations to be very interesting. While these results may not be 100% accurate, they are helpful in gaining insights to different demographics.

What do you think about generational differences?

xo, Olivia


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