Adding Color to Your Makeup Routine for Work

Summer is the perfect time to try new things. Whether I’m experimenting with new foods on vacation or adding a colorful blazer to my workwear wardrobe, summer weather puts me in a great mood. One thing I have been doing this summer is adding pops of color into my makeup routine for work. I often wear white this time of year and adding a pop of color in my makeup allows me to subtly accessorize without being over the top. This has been easy to do because I’ve been using the Chromafusion® Collection and Pro Palette from Mary Kay®. The Pro Palette is great because it’s customizable. You have the ability to pick and choose your favorite eyeshadow colors, contours, blushes and highlighters to build your own palette. Here are my favorite ways that I use my palette:


Adding color to your makeup routine for work is a simple way to add a fun element to your outfit. Eyeshadow allows you to experiment with bright colors or keep it fairly neutral. I usually like to wear colors that are shimmery and add color but still look professional. The Mary Kay Chromafusion ® Eye Shadow is pigmented, blends easily, and is long lasting. My favorite color is Shiny Penny, I use it all over my eye and have hit pan on it several times! It’s extremely easy to refill because I can buy my favorite colors in singles instead of having to buy a whole palette.

For an easy day look, I like to start with something matte and neutral. Hazelnut is the perfect shade for an all over base on the eye. From there, I mix in Shiny Penny and apply it all over my eyelid. For the crease, I use Sunlit Rose to add some dimension and color to the overall look. To finish off my look, I add a bright shimmery color to the inner corners of my eye and under my brow right on the bone. I like to use Candlelight because it perfectly catches the light and adds a “wow” factor to top off my look.


Used in the correct way, contour can add dimension and depth to your face. Mary Kay’s Chromafusion® Contour lasts all day from work to running around with Matt and Sebastian. This product is one that I can rely on to prevent my makeup from looking flat. I like to apply this product in four places on my face. First, I start on the top of my forehead right at my hairline. To apply this product, I use the Mary Kay® Cheek Brush and add the contour all across the top of my forehead. I then sweep it down to my cheek bones to help them pop and add definition. Then, I go under my jaw right by my ear to give me a more pronounced jaw line. This whole process looks as if I’m drawing a 3 on my face. I always make sure to blend well so that it does not look streaky or unnatural. After, I go in with the Mary Kay® Eye Crease Brush to contour my nose and voila! My face has dimension and depth while keeping a natural look.


My favorite and final way to add color to my makeup routine for work is using blush. I know blush has a bad rep, but I firmly believe that it’s the secret to any makeup look. I use Mary Kay’s blush almost every day and love the way it leaves me looking awake and refreshed. The colors are pigmented and blend smoothly on my face. They have a wide range of colors from shimmery to a matte finish for both subtle and bold looks. My favorite color is Shy Blush. It has a shimmery finish so it adds a natural glow to my face. Perfect for summer!

As you can tell, this palette is great and is very high quality. I love Mary Kay products and I can’t wait to hear about the ways you use your Chromafusion® Collection! Let me know in the comments!

xo, Olivia

This post was sponsored by Mary Kay.


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