My Team’s Morning Skincare Routines

Hi ladies! Speaking on behalf of the whole Corporate Catwalk team, you all know how much I love skincare. To switch things up, I thought it would be fun to pull together the rest of the team’s morning skincare routines for everyone to try out. Enjoy!


Skincare is seriously one of the things I look forward to most. When I wake up, I first wash my face with a gentle cleanser. Recently, I’ve been using Glossier’s Milk Jelly Cleanser. After washing with warm water, I splash cold water on my face to close my pores, then follow up with Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion Toner. Then, I gently pat on PHARMACY’S Honey Grail Ultra-Hydrating Face to help seal in moisture. After I use my Jade Face Roller, which I keep chilled in the fridge, I massage the oil into my face to depuff. Then I apply my Lotus Fresh Eye Cream which is AMAZING for dark circles, followed by Glossier’s Invisible Shield Sunscreen. Lastly, I seal it all in with Clinique Dramatically Different Gel for one final step of hydration. It has SPF in it so it’s perfect for summer. Don’t forget your lips! I use Khiels Lip Balm #satinsundayskin always!



Mornings for me are like my Saturday nights, it feels like I should be doing what everyone else is doing, but it’s never actually executed. Should I be doing it? Probably. But, I typically don’t live life the way 99% of people do. So, skincare isn’t my forte. That’s why I’m beyond thankful that Adelina joined the team because she’s the queen of skincare. For me, skincare in the morning consists of dermatology lotion, slap a few drug store products on my face and coat it in makeup. I’m not sure how the rest of the Corporate Catwalk team hasn’t given me a skincare intervention yet. But for you ladies that aren’t heavily invested into skin routines, it’s alright because I firmly believe that I was thrown into this mix to represent those of us that reach for a heavy concealer rather than a $50 moisturizer. But if I’ve learned one thing from Adelina, it’s that moisturizing your face every morning is important. So if you take anything away from my skincare routine, it’s to consistently moisturize and get yourself a good concealer.



My morning skincare routine is fairly easy but does exactly what I need it too. I start by washing my face with Honest Beauty Gentle Gel Cleanser. I love this cleanser because it works wonders removing dirt without stripping my skin of moisture. Next, I go in with Clinique’s Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly Anti-Pollution. Anti-pollution skincare may seem like a marketing ploy, but this moisturizing jelly lives up to its name. After only one week of using this product, I noticed my skin was clearing up and it adequately hydrates my skin. Then I use La Roche Posay Rosalic Anti-Redness Intense Face Serum. I use it under my moisturizer to give my skin a little oomf. I have extremely fair skin and this product helps even out some of the redness I experience. Next, I use Clinique’s Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum because I struggle with unsightly pores. This correcting serum works to smooth out the skin and reduce the appearance of pores. For my final step, I use La Roche Posay Toleraine Double Repair Facial Moisturizer with SPF. As I mentioned, I have fair skin and sunscreen is the most important part of my routine. This moisturizer boasts 30 SPF without smelling like a traditional sunscreen. This is a favorite of mine because it richly hydrates my skin without leaving me feeling greasy.



My morning routine is pretty basic. Truthfully I keep it simple because I don’t like waking up super early and would rather sleep in. I like to make sure my skin is prepped for my makeup and ready for the day which entails a splash of cold water and a ton of moisturizer because I struggle with dryness and uneven texture. Right now, I am loving Drunk Elephant’s Whipped Cream. It is heavy duty so it’s a little heavy for the summer but it keeps me moisturized but not greasy throughout the day. It is a great base for whatever I am wearing from concealer to my favorite tinted moisturizer. I sampled it in their Little’s Set and haven’t looked back since! I then apply a tinted sunscreen from Elta MD to make sure I’m protected from the sun because I burn easily and want to prevent sun damage to my skin. Then I’m ready for makeup!





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xo, The Corporate Catwalk Team

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