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Establishing my own company has been a dream of mine since I entered the corporate world. I wanted to create a brand that empowered women and gave them confidence as they went to work every day. Fast forward to 2019 and here I am. Starting my own company with my husband and backed by a solid team of five. I am so excited about what’s to come in the upcoming months and we have a ton in store for you guys. For now though, meet the Corporate Catwalk team! I think they’re great and I’m sure you will too.

Olivia Trewatha | Co-Founder & CEO

Olivia has been in the fashion world dating back to 2012 when she began her blog, Corporate Catwalk. It started out as a way for her to share her weekly outfits and advice for dressing in the workplace. Olivia was working in corporate America for nearly ten years at two of the largest technology companies in the world. This is where the inspiration originally began for what is now the Corporate Catwalk Box. Dressing for work is typically not fun. You tend to have to follow strict guidelines, there is not a lot of room for creativity and the experience for shopping workwear is not all that exciting. Olivia wanted to be a voice and inspiration to showcase how we can all dress with confidence, be ourselves and carry that confidence into whatever we are doing.

MATT LOGUSH | C0-Founder

Proud husband to Olivia, father to Sebastian, and co-founder of Corporate Catwalk. Originally from St. Louis, Matt moved to California after school to work in Silicon Valley. He spent over ten years in the technology space both in San Francisco and NYC, including five years at LinkedIn, where the company went public in 2011. Since leaving the corporate world, Matt has been working alongside Olivia to make their fashion technology business a reality.


Parker Hunstiger is making her mark in Manhattan after moving here with only two suitcases. The 20-year-old has worked professionally in fashion since she was 16. This boss woman has been published in over 3 publications, was the youngest assistant editor at Nourrir Magazine, and worked for famed fashion designer Nicole Miller. This was all before the age of 20. She quickly caught the eye of acclaimed fashion and lifestyle blogger, Olivia Jeanette. She is Olivia’s personal fashion stylist for her blog and brand, Corporate Catwalk.

ADELINA PERSAUD | Marketing & Brand Manager 

Brooklyn native, Adelina Persuad, has bloomed from founder of Blooms Flower Shoppe into big city brand manager for fashion and lifestyle blogger Olivia Jeanette. From budding blooms in Maine, Adelina has made quite the name for herself coordinating influencer strategies for multi-million dollar brands including Uniqlo, Marriott, and Sunglass Hut.

SARA SCHMITZ | Fashion & Marketing Assistant 

Fordham University graduate Sara Schmitz is kick starting her fashion career within her pink workspace at Corporate Catwalk. The fashion and marketing assistant not only gives her superiors the world, but also the stars. She spends her days sourcing garments, packing client boxes and blogging for Olivia Jeanette. Her enthusiasm for the brand and dedication to the Corporate Catwalk team is a significant asset that Olivia certainly hasn’t turned a blind eye to.

CHRISTINE WRIGHT | Planning Intern

World traveler Christine Wright recently moved from London to join the movement at Corporate Catwalk. The planning and financial strategist intern is in the midst of finishing up her business degree and her love of fashion pulled her into Olivia’s line of vision. The incredible intellect has carved a place within the Corporate Catwalk movement.

Arielle Atkinson |Fashion Intern

Arielle Atkinson is a student at the University of Arizona double majoring in Communication and Esociety with a minor in Fashion. She has loved fashion since she was old enough to pick out her own clothes. She believes there’s something about expressing yourself through clothing that makes everyday that much better. She wanted to work for Corporate Catwalk because she loves that it supports women in the workplace while also making sure those women are stylish!

That’s the Corporate Catwalk team! We’re growing fast and it’s all very exciting. Make sure to check back in tomorrow for a surprise!

xo, Olivia


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