Spring Travel Wardrobe Tips

A few weeks back the itch to travel resurfaced. To celebrate Matt’s birthday we decided what better way to soak up spring than to pack our bags and head to Holland and check out the gorgeous flower fields. As some of you may remember we did a similar trip last year to check out the tulips in full bloom last year around Amsterdam. We’re a little early this year for tulips but the other flowers did not disappoint with spring in full effect here. We’ve also spent lots of time exploring Amsterdam via bike rides. It’s been an amazing experience to immerse ourselves in a place like this. I’ve been showing a lot of it on Instagram!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I packed for this trip. We’ve done a lot of traveling over the years, including some very spur of the moment trips like this one. I like to think I have a good system in place. There are some key components to a good travel wardrobe and I’m going to share them below!


This is so important, especially when traveling long distances. It doesn’t matter how much you love a piece of clothing if it doesn’t hold up well to travel. Ultra delicate pieces are best left at home where they can be properly cared for and handled. Travel should be fun! You don’t want to create additional stress if there doesn’t need to be any. You also want your clothes to be able to handle the activities you have in mind so plan accordingly. We all want to look great on vacation but function and style go hand in hand here.


I don’t want to be held back by uncomfortable shoes or an ill-fitting top. I love to shop for items for a trip as much as the next person but give your purchases a test drive before packing to make sure everything fits properly. There’s nothing worse than finding out that item you loved when you bought it is now making you miserable on your trip.

Stylish & Fun

I definitely have my “NYC” style but sometimes when we visit a place I feel inspired to step outside of my fashion comfort zone a bit. Cartagena was a great example of that. I had so much fun with my wardrobe on that trip. A vacation should be fun all around. Take a few risks and try something new or unexpected. If you don’t typically wear a bold color, why not try one out now?

When we decided to we wanted to kick off spring with a trip to flower fields I knew I’d be stopping at Old Navy to freshen up our travel wardrobe. They have a ton of options that meet all of my travel wardrobe needs that are perfect for spring. I was able to pick up everyday basics, on-trend pieces, and versatile items that I can mix and match. I love seeing all of the bright clothing and floral prints out right now. It definitely puts me in the mood for all of the warm weather ahead. Even though I was shopping for vacation, it reminds me of how much I love the city during the spring. It comes alive again after winter.

I also love that there are plenty of options for both Matt and Sebastian. It’s so convenient to be able to shop in one place for the entire family. Sebastian is growing so quickly and Old Navy has been a lifesaver with their selection. It’s so hard sometimes to find stylish clothes at this age. Sebastian looks like a mini Matt with his new outfits. It’s adorable! I can’t wait to share more photos from our trip. If you’re looking for the right clothes on your next trip or a spring refresh, stop by Old Navy or visit them online!

What’s your favorite type of clothing to pack for vacations?

xo, Olivia

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