First Bedroom Update in New Apartment

Here’s a glimpse at our bedroom update in our new apartment. This is just the beginning, we hope to make several more updates to the apartment…like bring in some more color and textures over the next few months. Can’t wait to share the updates. Continue to check here for all the pieces in our bedroom.

Bed + Bedding

A few years ago, we partnered with Leesa when they were coming out with their first Leesa mattress. We loved the concept of a mattress delivered to your doorstep especially one that’s compressed into a box. It made bringing it up the elevator so much easier! We initially had the Leesa queen bed and decided to upgrade to a Leesa Sapira King Mattress. Best decision ever! We wrote more about it in this blog post

After we had Sebastian, we made the decision to upgrade to a king size bed. With Batman and Sebastian joining us in our room, we simply needed more comfort and space. Fast forward to 2019, neither are in our bed, but we do not regret the decision. Just more room to stretch out. Our Mid-Century bed frame is from West Elm. We love the style because it allows for lots of storage underneath the bed. Right now I want a different headboard, but not sure I can separate the two pieces. If you’re looking for a bed with room underneath for storage, I highly recommend this one from West Elm.

Our sleeping pillows are from Tempurpedic. At first, I was skeptical, but now I love the support I have on my neck that translates all the way down my back throughout the night. My pillow is always wrapped with the Slip pillowcase. It does wonders for my hair and skin. Highly recommend over any beauty product I own. Sounds like a bold statement, but I love them and take one with me whenever we travel. 

The bedding is from Parachute. After staying the night at my friend’s house in her brand new Parachute bedding, I had to make the switch. The next day I purchased the down alternative duvet insert. The insert is lightweight but keeps us plenty warm throughout the winter. I also got their duvet cover and euro pillows to make the bed extra cozy. Parachute now offers bundled bedding, recommend if you want to try their collection. We love our bedding, but now we’re thinking it’s a little too much solid white. We hope to start incorporating more colors and textures into our bedding this spring.

Our throw over the bed is from Serena & Lily. We’ve had the throw for years and it’s still in great condition. Highly recommend and it’s currently on sale along with the throw pillows. We love the simple design and they work in almost any room in the apartment. 

Artwork and Mirrors

The art above our bed is from Minted. We ordered size 40″ x 30″. I’m so happy our rug matches the colors and hues! Made it an easy decision to keep this piece on display.

The mirror above our dresser is from CB2. We found this on a recent trip to their Upper East Side store. Originally we had this small circle mirror, shown here. Since we own three of these mirrors in our home, we wanted to find something different for above our dresser, especially since we were trying to cover such a large wall. 

The small vanity mirror is Bluetooth enabled, so I can talk to my mom or listen to my podcasts while I get ready. Last shown here.


Wanting to add a splash of color to the room, I got the Cirque Amalfi Rug in an 8×10. Although we had some shipping issues, I was really happy with the quality of the rug and how it seamlessly fit into the feel of the room. 


The dresser is from Perigold (here’s a similar style that’s under $300). We owned the Ikea dresser for a long time. It was actually good quality but it was just too bulky for our space. Having found this low profile dresser, we knew we needed something similar. At first, I wasn’t a big fan of the “no knob” situation, but I eventually got used to it. The drawers are all organized with these dividers from Amazon and I used the Marie Kondo method to fold the rest of my clothes. I actually use shoe storage boxes to organize the rest of our clothes in the dresser. Before this system, the drawers were chaos. 

The dresser arrived with white glove service and if you’re tired of putting your own furniture together, highly recommend Perigold. I’ve been exceptionally happy with their top customer service and delivery.

Decor Accessories

We typically buy all our home accessories from CB2, Anthropologie and West Elm. I’m trying to expand my home decor selections to find more unique pieces, but those places make it so easy to accessorize your home with great pieces.

I use a cake stand to display my perfumes (love this style and this style) and an empty candle to store matches, tweezers and other things on my dresser. It’s a little out of the box but it works great.


The lucite vanity is where I film all my hair tutorials. It’s not ideal, but I use it for the business. It’s necessary for the time being until we find another something else. I switched out the lucite chair for a small stool from Kirkland (who we’ll be working with later this year!). The stool was purchased on a Thursday and arrived on a Monday, so we had a good first experience with Kirkland.

Makeup brush storage and vanity mirror.


I always get asked why we replaced our blinds. Well, the short answer is that they are ugly. But the long answer is that we plan on living in our apartment for 5+ years. So spending $30 on blinds seems like a small investment to upgrade our apartment and make our place feel like a home. The maintenance team here in our building stores away our old light fixtures, blinds, doors, etc till we move out. 

The bamboo blinds are from JC Penny. They have an amazing selection of blinds and shades. Highly recommend if you want to switch out your blinds.

The curtain rods (1.25 dia) are from CB2. You’ll notice that our windows go to the edge of the wall, so if you’re adding hardware to your windows units, make sure you get the right curtain rods. I originally purchased these curtain rods, but they didn’t work. There was a gap in the window, they also didn’t allow room to install the curtain rod since the window is too close to the ceiling. Long story short, take a photo and ask someone at the store or consult your handyman! 


The white curtains are from CB2. I want to replace these ones as they seem to be making the room dull. I need more color or texture. The pom curtains are from Anthropologie, love their unique curtain selection. They’re more of an investment than the white curtains, but you can see the difference in the quality.

Light Fixture

We replaced all our light fixtures in our home. They were outdated and not appealing to the eye. I found this guy on Etsy who creates these beautiful fixtures at a great price. Since our bedroom ceiling was low profile, we needed something that sat really close to the ceiling. All of his fixtures can be “custom” ordered. I wanted to mix metals because I have a lot of brass in the apartment. This light fixture is one of my favorites. He also sends bulbs, which made it fast and easy for my handyman to install.

Beauty Storage

This is NOT pictured because it’s two white Ikea shelves stacked on top of each other with more boxes stacked on top of that. It’s currently in transition until we get my built-in beauty closet put in here soon. We are using the same company who designed and built my custom closet. If you don’t want something custom, the Ikea storage unit is a great alternative. I’m using these drawers to organize all my beauty products and these organizers for my makeup brushes. 


The most asked about item in my room is my fiddle leaf fig (the planter is from CB2, but unable to find on the website). This plant is one that I have a love-hate relationship with on a daily basis. It’s real, but it requires a LOT of TLC. I need to invest more time and effort into finding the right fertilizer and watering routine. Till then, here is a good faux fiddle leaf option. If you’re looking for a fiddle leaf, we found ours in the Flower District here in NYC. I also found some BEAUTIFUL fiddle leaf figs at Home Depot on 59th street. They’re gorgeous…but expensive if you don’t know how to properly care for the plant.

The large basket in our bedroom is for laundry. We have a lot of these throughout our home and they’ve been great to disguise clutter and use for storage.

Phew! That was a lot of links. Hope everyone enjoys this post and review. I’ll continue to update whenever we get anything new for our bedroom! Till then, off to play with Sebastian. School just got canceled…this snow storm better be good enough to go sledding!

xo, Olivia

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    Great post with lots of useful information. I’ve lived in my unit for years but haven’t done much of anything decor wise. I will look into some of your recommendations!

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