What’s in My Purse During Winter

I don’t like to travel with too many items in my purse but living in NYC and being on the go, it’s necessary to have the essentials on hand. This list changes by the season. However, this time of year there a few things that I always like to be able to reach for. Here’s what’s in my purse during the winter.


These are a necessary must have during NYC winters. One day it’s in the teens and the next it can be in the 50’s. I like to keep a pair in my purse just in case. Plus the temperatures shift as the day goes on. This is useful when I find myself out all day. I recommend a good pair of quality gloves like cashmere or a weatherproof option.

Portable Charger

I’m on my phone a lot, some days more than I’d like to be. Keeping a portable charger handy is really convenient in making sure my battery never dies while I’m out with Sebastian or on my way to an important meeting. Since so much of my business is run on my phone I always make sure this is in my purse.

Hand Sanitizer

I dread cold and flu season each year. It feels like a constant battle to avoid getting sick. Plus with Sebastian in school, I do what I can do have an added layer of defense. Whether it’s a quick use after a trip on the subway or I want to make sure everyone’s hands are clean before we have a meal out, it’s easy to just reach into my purse.


Winter can be really harsh on your skin. Keeping my skin well moisturized is really important. Dry, cold weather combined with my use of hand sanitizer means my skin needs some extra help. I like to keep an extra rich formula in my purse and use it on the go as needed.

Lip Balm

Just like with the lotion, lip balm is essential to combat the harsh effects of winter temperatures. Leaving the cold outdoors to enter heated buildings and repeating that cycle really does a number on you. My lips can get so dry. I use lip balm regularly. It also ensures my lipstick applies the way it should so I can continue to wear all of my favorite colors.

What are your winter purse essentials?

xo, Olivia

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  1. Jessica wrote:

    Hi there!

    I am really enjoying these evening blasts from you! The contest is great. Key items to bring along with these frigid temperatures. Stay Warm.


    Posted 1.30.19 · Reply

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