Our Favorite Apps to Use When We Travel

I often get asked about the equipment, tools, and apps we use. I’ve talked a bit before about the equipment we use and our favorite apps for business on the blog. When we travel we don’t usually have the same level of resources. Also, it’s not all about work. We like to enjoy ourselves while we get to see these amazing places. Whether it’s all of us together or a mother and son trip like the one I’m taking this weekend with Helena and Sai, I love the flexibility to stay connected when and how I need to be. Here are some of my favorite apps to use while we travel.


Cost: Free, Premium Version $9.99 after 1-week trial (family share up to 6)

I talked about this app in a post about automating your life. It’s a reminder app for birthdays, anniversaries and other important days. So if you’re one of those people who is constantly forgetting important dates or relies on Facebook alerts for birthday reminders, this app is for you. There is a bit of set up time but you’re able to sync it with current social media profiles like Facebook and your current calendars to minimize the time spent. From there you can customize the reminders so you have enough time to send out a card or gift. This is especially useful when I’m traveling and out of my element. I can make sure my loved ones know that I’m thinking of them on their special day.

1 second Everyday

Cost: $4.99 with in-app purchases available

This is an app that compiles 1-second clips from every day into a video in chronological order. With the Pro version, you can also add music. You can set reminders to record or you can upload video into the app. While the concept is simple, the possibilities are endless. You can create one that just encompasses your life day to day or you can create themes for your videos. For example, we have one for travel and Sebastian. We love watching them together and it’s a nice way to reminisce as we get closer to the holidays.


Cost: $14.95/month

Audible has perfected books on the go. It’s subscription-based access to audiobooks. I’m a bit obsessed with Audible. Road trips, flights, workouts, by the pool, working at the computer, even long cab rides, Audible is with me. My schedule can get pretty crazy and I’m not always in a position where I can sit down and read a book. This has been the perfect solution to get through my reading list. I’m able to keep up with all the new releases and go back to some of my favorites. You’ll love the convenience of it. Get it and enjoy your next favorite book!


Cost: Free with in-app purchases available

This is a video editing app with loads of features. When I’m editing on the road, this app gives me a lot of similar options to desktop editing tools. You’re able to add music, effects, and voice-overs. You can also adjust the speed whether you need to speed it up or slow it down. Just last night I decided to upgrade for some of the additional features like transitions and filters. Whether you’re creating content or working on a fun video to show your family and friends, you’ll love how easy it is to use.


Cost: Free with in-app purchases available

This app creates graphics without needing any graphic design experience. You customize templates according to your needs with a few easy taps including what photos, text, and filters you want. One of my favorite features is that the templates are designed with social media platforms in mind. I can pick one based on where I’m posting to. The designs have the dimensions built in. There are ones for Instagram, Facebook Ads, and even YouTube thumbnails. It’s nice to be able to put something together quickly without having to get my laptop out.

If you use any of these apps, I’d love to hear how you use them and what you love about them. What are some of the apps you use while you travel?

xo, Olivia


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