How to Layer Necklaces With Different Necklines

Layered necklaces are a big trend for fall. I personally love the look. It’s a great way to showcase multiple pieces together. You can layer really delicate ones or bold statement necklaces. I also love that you can wear this look with just about anything from a basic t-shirt to a dress. It’s so versatile that this look will be sticking around for quite some time. Now if you’ve tried to layer necklaces on your own you may have realized it’s a little trickier than it looks especially when it comes to the neckline of your top.  Here’s how to layer your necklaces based on neckline style with the help of Missoma.

This brand is one stop shopping for this trend and other amazing easy to wear pieces. Missoma is a British based designer jewelry brand that is sure to make a big impression across the pond here in the US. They embody everyday classic style and are able to balance a sense of playfulness with refinement.


This is the easiest type of neckline to wear your layered necklaces with. They’re able to drape beautifully. Your mid-length necklace should stop short of your top with a decent amount of space between the two. The third necklace can go further or stop short of the neckline depending on the look you’re going for. Even though it’s not technically a v-neck, this look is also great with a buttondown shirt with the top few buttons left undone to create the illusion of a v-neck.  The neckline lends itself to more delicate pieces and you can add in a bolder piece depending on the desired effect.

Scoop Neck

Scoop necks are probably one of trickier necklines to work with. While the v-neck naturally draws the eye along the path of the necklaces, the scoop neck leaves a lot of space. Don’t be afraid to fill in that space. You can layer with chokers and statement necklaces. This is a chance to get really creative with layering. If you need to play it on the safer side, stick with delicate pieces. Also, consider having the first piece be a choker.

High Neck

This neckline offers a lot of flexibility. You can go with delicate pieces but I do love the idea of bolder pieces with a high neckline. The contrast creates a nice dramatic effect. One thing to keep in mind is the color and pattern of what you’re wearing. It’s probably best to keep it on the simple side if you really want your necklaces to be the focal point.


For turtlenecks, it’s very similar to high necklines. The one big difference here is to avoid chokers as the first layer since turtlenecks will already be adding some bulk in that area. Also, depending on the style, your first layer can get lost, especially if it’s a slouchy style so keep that in mind. As with a high neck top, keep the print and color simple to really let your layered necklaces shine.

Now, this can feel a little overwhelming but it really can be simple. As you can see I wore the same combination with multiple tops. So while some combinations won’t work with certain necklines, there are ones that will go with just about anything in your wardrobe. For this particular set, I’m wearing the Elemental Charm Necklace, Mini Beaded Coin Necklace, and the Roman Arc Coin Necklace.

One tip I’d like to mention is to remember to add variety not just because it’ll make the layering look great but it’ll also help to prevent your necklaces from tangling! Different lengths and weights whether it’s from a pendant or the thickness of a chain will help keep you tangle free.


Is this a jewelry trend you’re already wearing? If so, how many necklaces do you typically layer?

xo, Olivia


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  1. Liv wrote:

    Loving this trend and all your necklaces!


    Posted 10.9.18 · Reply
  2. Logan wrote:

    These necklaces are absolutely beautiful. I love the high yellow neckline with the necklaces.

    xo Logan

    Posted 10.9.18 · Reply

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