Stylish & Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates

Happy Spring once again everyone! If you’ve been following along for a while, we tend to update our place quite a bit. You can see one example here. With space being an issue, there is always room to be more functional and efficient. With Mother’s Day upon us, I wanted to do a couple quick updates in the kitchen so we can spend more time together in our favorite room in the house. As a mom who runs a business and lives in this amazing but crazy city, I am being pulled in all directions all the time. Wouldn’t trade it for the world but anytime I can free up time and become more organized, I’m all in. Our kitchen, to this point, hasn’t had much done to it. It’s been kept pretty plain, mainly white, but that is going to change. Matt and I have taken our time with this for a number of reasons. One of those is that a lot of products seem to force you to choose between style and function. This seems to be a dilemma for moms in general. Sometimes you just want something to fit your needs AND look great.

The Perfect Touch

We partnered with simplehuman to add some of their stylish and functional pieces to our kitchen. Their products are beautifully designed. By incorporating these pieces, I felt like I was able to redefine my mom style a bit. My focus in the kitchen previously has been to just manage the chaos. Now I realize I can do it in a way that’s visually appealing. There’s no more sacrificing wants for needs. I got the full package just in time for Mother’s Day.

The First Step

So, first things first, we love our kitchen. It’s hard to beat the views with the floor to ceiling windows. However, one of the biggest stumbling blocks is that we rent our place. In order to do what we want to do, we would have to tear all the cabinets down, rip up the floor, put in new window treatments, etc. Well, we aren’t going to do that since we don’t own it. So we are going to make little changes and go piece by piece. We decided to start by getting everything organized and adding some pieces that will make the space more functional. So far we couldn’t be happier with how it’s starting off.



Matt and I wanted to clean out the cabinets and remove all the clutter. There is so much that is just thrown in wherever there is room. That’s why we can’t ever find anything. So, we added a couple of their pull-out organizer drawers. It allowed us to get rid of a few boxes and products we no longer needed. All the pots and pans are put away now, the soaps and cleaning products are all in one tidy space. It just looks and feels better having the cabinets clean and clear. We need a few more of those drawers in the pantry here in a little bit.


One of the other things we really needed was a good quality dishrack. Something solid and functional but not ugly. We rely too much on the dishwasher and just throw everything in there. It’s unnecessary. This stainless steel one is great and hopefully, this will encourage us to do a quick clean when we are done eating and cooking. Plus, Matt and I can talk about our day and the next one as we get everything cleaned up. More family time in our favorite room! The little sink caddy is great too to keep our brushes off the bottom of the sink.

Our Favorite

While all those products are great, our favorite piece and the one we are so excited about is the Step Can. It houses our trash and recycling in one space. So funny what we get geeked up about nowadays but it really is perfect for our space. It will be great for Sebastian to learn to throw away his trash. He just needs a little more power in his feet to push down and open it. It’s ok, I’m sure he’ll get it here soon. The color is great and they do have a few different colors to choose from along with touch bar and voice-controlled cans as well. So excited we found simplehuman!

Well, it has been a successful start so far and we can’t wait to share with you the next steps. I’m sure it will involve a few more items from simplehuman. So stay tuned for more sleek kitchen updates any mom would love.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Olivia



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