My Favorite Mistakes in 2017

As we start getting ready for 2018, it gives me a little time to look back at 2017 and think about the good and bad. I use “mistakes” as a learning tool and try to never be too hard on myself. I think it’s important to recognize mistakes as what they are…opportunities to improve yourself, your job/business and all aspects of your life. Without mistakes, it’s very difficult to truly improve.

This topic is something my team actually asked me to write about. At first, I said, let’s move that into 2018 content, but I think I’m ready to tackle this subject because it’s an important part to share as a woman entrepreneur.

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Taking things personally

As a fairly seasoned sales professional, I have been trained to not take things personally…that it’s just business. Well, I’m human (so are you) and there are days that business gets the better part of me. It makes no difference, large or small. We don’t like rejection, whether a business deal falls apart, a brand rejects your content ideas or even worse, they just decide not to want to work with you, regardless of fit. It can be a tough crowd and it takes a thick skin to take it on the chin and march forward. But ladies, it’s the only way that we’re going to persevere. This happens to everybody. Everybody!

I tell my team all the time, turn and burn. Go. Don’t stop and stop looking behind you. There are thousands of opportunities out there, you’re just knocking on the wrong door. A good way to look at getting a NO is that you are one step closer to getting a YES. Easier said than done, but it’s true.

Do not take things personally in business. There are so many moving parts in a business deal, timing, fit, budget, personal relationships, internal politics, etc. Try and learn how to take rejection as a learning experience. What could I have done better? Reached out earlier? Created a better presentation? Talked to the VP instead of the Manager. Asked better qualifying questions? There are so many things to learn from every business interaction.

Now, as much as this has to do with business, it also has to do with my personal life.

We all have bad days. Let people have bad days and recognize it for what it is. I know our team has had an interesting 2017. But everyone comes to work with the best attitude possible. We’re all human and we’re allowed to snap. If you do, recognize what you did and apologize. OR if you’re on the receiving end, try and not react. Give them the benefit of the doubt and approach the subject at a different time.

I’ve seen good people be jerks (sorry to use that word, but it’s true). Myself included. We all have a lot going on and the stresses of the world can make us react poorly. Plus, it saves time arguing about something that afterward you realize doesn’t matter anyway.

Getting Away from My schedule

Chalk this up for a mistake in 2016 and 2017. Schedules are often difficult to execute 100% on because things change, often. Things get put on our plate at the last minute that end up taking priority, whether they should or not. Just recognize that and get back on track. Easier said than done.

The part of my calendar that I chose to skip over most times was the gym and more broadly “me time”. It’s been my biggest challenge for the last year and a half. My focus has been on the business and Sebastian, so I tended to ignore that time for myself.

My journey back to where I want to be fitness-wise is starting. The first step is recognizing the problem. Check. Second, realize why it’s a problem. Check. I feel so much better and energized when I get to the gym. Third, what adjustments are you going to make? I’m working on that but I think I have to invest in a trainer, at the very least, get myself back into a routine. Try and build a support system.

What I mean by this is to have others know what your goal(s) are and have them assist in holding you accountable. It’s with our team, we have group and individual goals and we need to hit them. You don’t want to be the one that doesn’t hit your goal because the team will be let down. So, the gym along with carving out a little me time weekly are the next big rocks I’m moving.

Taking Time Away From Work for Family

One of the things that both Matt and I realized was an area we have to address is when we work, we are 100% focused on work. When we are with Sebastian, we need to be 100% in the moment with him. The moment it really hit home for me was when I looked over at him playing with his toys and he looks at me (I’m on the computer) with a “Why aren’t you playing me?” face. It broke my heart.

He sees us every day on our computers typing away and he is playing by himself. This is priority balance at it’s finest. We are so lucky to be able to do something we love to do and have this special little boy in our lives. Our schedules can be arranged to get our work done and still focus our attention on Sebastian. It’s like Matt’s Dad always told us, don’t blink because they will be grown up before you know it. Then they will want to play with someone else. Not yet buddy!

Don’t let your mistakes hold you back. Learn and grow from them.

Outfit Details

A little about today’s look. Earlier this week we were blessed with warm weather in NYC, so I put on this look (I’ve been wanting to share in an outdoor setting) and headed to Lotte New York Plaza. It’s such an iconic spot in NYC. If you’re here during the holiday season, stop by and ask Maurice to snap a photo of you in front of the tree.

As for this little sequin skirt, there are so many ways to style for the holidays. You can keep it casual by wearing it with an oversized knit, tights and pointed flats (likely my Christmas dinner outfit) or you can dress it up with a black blazer, tights (my current favorite) and heels (kind of similar to how Caitlin wore it here). If you want to glam up for the New Year’s Eve, try this dress (size down) by itself or wear it with a black turtleneck.

Let me know what you think about today’s post. I know so many of you love style posts, but you also like rich content. I’m going to start mixing both of them ideas in 2018. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for following along. Don’t forget we’re now on LinkedIn! I’m publishing another article on Tuesday. Stay tuned.

xo, Olivia

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  1. Natasha wrote:

    Such a great post and loved the content, especially about not taking things personally. Your outfit is so chic, especially the sweater!

    Posted 12.23.17 · Reply
    • olivia wrote:

      hi Natasha! Thank you so much for the feedback! Yes, agree. It’s a constant reminder, but a good one for everyone.

      Thank you for the kind words!
      xo, Olivia

      Posted 12.23.17 · Reply
  2. Lindsay M wrote:

    Love content like this mixed with style ideas. It is a great way to mix your corporate wisdom (which I feel is lacking in the fashion blogger space) and your great style. Keep it coming!

    Posted 12.23.17 · Reply
    • olivia wrote:

      Hi Lindsay! Thank you so much for the feedback. Agree. Excited to share more in 2018!

      xo, Olivia

      Posted 12.23.17 · Reply

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