Twelve Days Of Wishes With QVC & Philosophy

Going all the way back to when I was a little girl, I can remember watching QVC with my parents as we all sat in the living room together. The host was always mesmerizing to me. That was the first job I ever wanted. I wanted to be a host on QVC and talk about the latest and greatest. I’m telling you all this because last week I got to experience something I never thought I would ever get to do…I went to QVC HQ with Philosophy and got the behind the scenes look on how it all works. It was surreal!

Behind the Scenes

During the tour, I got to watch a live episode as they talked about one of my favorite brands, Philosophy! They are amazing! Not sure if you guys remember but earlier this year we partnered on their 12-piece shower collection (they now have the 12 days of Christmas Collection). Love these little bottles because each bottle has its own recipe.

You may or may not know but QVC and Philosophy have been partnering for a long time. 18+ years long. A little side note, QVC stands for Quality, Value, Convenience. I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but I never knew that. You really do get a glimpse of that while getting a behind the scenes look. Everything they do goes back to those three letters and what they stand for.


My favorite part of the day had to be watching them get set-up to go live. It brought me back to when I wanted to be the host and I had the biggest twinkle in my eye. It’s crazy what goes into each show. For starters, to set up a show, it takes 3-4 hours for the team to come into the studio, set up and make sure everything is ready to roll when the production team and host arrive on set. For QVC, every second counts, so attention to detail is absolutely paramount.

As chaotic as I felt, there was a sense of calm and control with everyone involved in getting the show ready to roll. Before the show began, I got to chat it up with the two hosts. It was a lot of fun to hear how they prepare and stay calm under the lights and in front of the camera. It was super impressive as they jump in front of the camera, and mind you, people are chatting all around, the camera is moving all around the hosts, different people are coming on and off the set to move around product for the next shot. Nerves of steel. Not to mention they have a team speaking to them in their earpiece.

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With the holidays right around the corner, I wanted to share some of my favorite products from Philosophy. This year they launched Amazing Grace Dry Shampoo. If you love the signature scent, you’ll love a dash of this dry shampoo to give you hair that extra little bit of life. Right now they’re offering the philosophy refresh fragrance & shampoo duo for under $50.

If you’ve never gifted Philosophy  to your friends and family, you’re missing out! They have the best gift offers during the holidays. What I love most about these sets is that there is plenty to go around the table. If you have a family with lots of aunts, nieces, cousin, the body souffle set has 8 lotions allows you to gift everyone on your list! Wrap it up in a cute bag, include a card and you’ll light up everyone’s face at the next family gathering.

Or if you want to restock all your favorite products from Philosophy, like the Renewed Hope in a Jar Collection or these super-size 3-in-1 shampoo, bath, and shower gel. My personal favorite is purity (this travel set is perfect for the girl on the go!). It’s one of my favorite face cleanser and you can always find it in my travel tote. It leaves my face feeling refreshed and renewed — something I typically need when traveling.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. As a long time customer of Philosophy, I’m so thankful to share this brand with my audience. Not only do they provide amazing products, but they also give back to our community!  The Hope & Grace Initiative gives 1% of all USA Philosophy net product sales to support community-based mental health efforts. Job well done!

xo, Olivia

Thank you Philosophy for sponsoring today’s post!

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