NYFW Day 3 Part II | His Very First Runway Show

Hi everyone. It’s Matt. I wanted to tell you all about my very first New York Fashion Week Runway Show. Or any runway show for that matter. Now I know a lot of you have been to a number of these prior but I was actually really excited to see one live. I hear so much about them in February and September. As we walked into Skylight, I immediately began thinking back to the movie, Zoolander. Great film by the way :). It was dark with a long lit up walkway. I could see Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson about to do a walk-off. It was pretty cool with everyone lined up along the runway, just as you see in commercials or online. We took our seats in front and the show began. To be so close to the runway and watch all the models strut down the runway was surreal. The amount of work that must go on behind the scenes all year long to put this on is incredible. The setting, the designs, the models, the atmosphere was all something that I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t yet been to a show.

Since I began taking Olivia’s pictures full time, I have really gained a huge appreciation for photography in general. It takes a tremendous amount of practice and patience to capture that perfect image. There is a great deal more that goes into it than simply pointing and shooting. Seeing all the photographers shooting for all different directions and angling for a better shot, I get it. The other side of it that I have really grown to respect is what goes into the modeling side of things. It’s not always easy to make an outfit look good or pose in the correct way all the time. That’s a huge deal in order to best represent the designer and put across a good image for the consumer. When you are able to counter whatever the elements are and get the image you are looking for, it’s a fantastic feeling.

We went to another show right afterwards that was a completely different set-up. It was so cool though. There were 20 plus tall rectangle glass “windows” (10 on either side) with a model in each one. We walked slowly down looking at each of the outfits and snapping pictures along the way. I gotta say though, it’s a little awkward walking right up to one of the models and snapping a picture one after the other. I understand it’s what goes on but nonetheless. Next year, I will be asking Olivia to take me along to more shows. It was a fun morning and stoked for next season. Hope we can get to London, Paris or Milan next year as well. Piggyback a vacation in there too. Be sure and ask Olivia if you have any questions on her gorgeous outfit. Till next time everyone. Thanks for reading!




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  1. Olivia wrote:

    Love that Matt went with you and supports you– too cute!

    Posted 9.13.17 · Reply
  2. Willemijn wrote:

    Hi Matt & Olivia, I must have missed this but Matt now also works fulltime for the blog? How cool is that! You two really living the dream. Started following for corporate fashion ideas, but I’m still here and love the whole family now (including pets)! Olivia shared her struggle with giving up her job, would love to hear Matt’s too. Or did I miss it?

    Posted 9.16.17 · Reply
  3. Jessica wrote:

    Your first fashion show experience is always so memorable. It was great to hear about this different perspective about NYFW!

    Jessica |

    Posted 9.17.17 · Reply

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