3 Dress Trends for a Fall Wedding

This past weekend, we were back in my hometown for our friend’s wedding. It was so much fun to celebrate with them and get to see a lot of old friends. This was our first wedding of the season and I had to find a great dress for the occasion. Because we are in that transitional period between summer and fall, I wanted a dress that had some weight but was still light enough to be comfortable in warmer weather. Also, it needed to be on trend of course. There was one fabric in particular that I was hoping to find was velvet.

Although it can be tricky to pull off but when you do, velvet looks amazing. The dress I ended up going with had such a cute color. Love the soft pink and with nude heels, the look really came together. The dress had ruffled sleeves and a sash around the waist that gives it some detail and structure. The slight slit in front was the perfect touch to make it such a versatile dress for either summer or fall. Can’t wait to see more velvet during fashion week and no doubt it won’t be the last time I wear velvet this season.

If you’re heading to a fall wedding, forget the black dress and try out these trends for the season!






Sebastian’s Style

Matt’s Style

xo, Olivia

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  1. wow, great write up, very well research and engaging! I’m going to try this dress.You looking beautiful! Thanks for this post!

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