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Welcome back to Day 24 of the The Holiday Gift Guide!

This gift guide is inspired by my husband, Matt. As we all know, shopping for the men in our life can be difficult at times. For this reason, we have included a little something for everyone from classic oxfords for the corporate man to a drone for the traveling photographer and everything in between. It can actually be quite fun to shop for your man because quite frankly, there are a lot of really cool things out there. My favorite things to shop for are, of course, clothes. Shocking! I just love picking out certain pieces that I know would look good on him. He makes it easy because he is a simpleton when it comes to his wardrobe. Have fun with it and the great news is that most places have really good return policies…just in case.

I’m highlighting a few of my favorites from the guide and it starts with the Jack Willis plaid button-up. It’s classic, in-style and you can’t go wrong regardless of the color combination you choose. As far as headphones, the Master & Dynamic MH30 just look cool and every man loves a nice pair of headphones. The Herschel novel duffel bag is very masculine and clean. It’s also extremely practical for everyday use at the gym and works great as a carry-on for quick weekend getaways. For the cocktail enthusiast in your life, Shake is a great read and ideal for learning how to craft the perfect cocktail at home. Pair it with a Jack Threads Corckcicle and your in business. This next one is a little selfish on my part because I love the Clarisonic. It is a such a great little device. You can take it anywhere with you and it makes washing your face so easy. The good old Fitbit! We love ours and you can make it fun when you invite your friends to compete in weekly step challenges with you. Last but not least, the Hubson X4 drone. It is uber popular right now and super fun to create video when traveling and documenting your trips.

For the rest of the items, they are linked below. So many cool ideas and there will be plenty ahead. We will be showcasing “stocking stuffer” ideas as well later on so be sure to check back in for those. In our Holiday Shop above, I’ve also included several items for men in your life, look forward to sharing more!

Happy Shopping and thanks for reading!!

In case you missed yesterday’s post, here’s the Holiday Gift Guide for Her.

xo, Olivia


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