Kitty Costume Tryouts for Halloween


Hi everyone, I’m so excited to share today’s post! We’ve partnered with sWheat Scoop to select Pfeiffer’s Halloween costume and share our experience of their all-natural wheat-based cat litter. Before we start picking out her favorite costume, we wanted to share a little bit about Pfeiffer. Batman typically gets the limelight, but today is Pfeiffer’s day to shine!

We got our precious kitty, Pfeiffer, a little over a year ago. At the time, both of us were working long days at the office and Batman was bored by himself all day. Matt and I went to Bideawee, a local animal shelter here in NYC, to search for a playmate for Batman. We entered the room with all the cats and after a few minutes, I spotted her out of the corner of my eye. There was this tiny white and black kitty alone in the corner. As she ran away from me when I walked over to her, I noticed she was missing one of her front legs. She was tucked away because she was really nervous to play with the other cats. It broke my heart. Matt and I both looked at each other and we knew right away that she was the one we wanted.

We named her after Michelle Pfeiffer, who played Catwoman in the 1989 Batman movie. We had to keep the theme going, right?! Batman chases her all over the house but Pfeiffer will actually egg him on to get him to chase her. It’s amazing how well she gets around…and really fast! They both eventually get tired and fall asleep on their separate sides of the living room. Pfeiffer will sometimes wake-up and walk over to sleep next to Batman, which is adorable. Now she is fully grown and the porch is her new favorite spot. She just hangs out looking out at the city and chasing whatever insects are out there. Matt and I love how independent she is, but also how much Batman and her have become friends.

Now for the fun stuff, let’s figure out what she should be for Halloween. Let us know your favorite!



The only thing that we are not so fond of when it comes to owning a cat is the smell from the litter box. As any cat owner knows, the smell can be very potent and with limited space in New York City, we can’t exactly put it in the basement. The folks at sWheat Scoop reached out to us to try their most powerful litter yet, premium+, and after fostering the two kittens for over a month, our apartment needed a refresh. I was excited to give it a shot! After two weeks, there were two things we immediately noticed:

Odor Eliminated – The wheat based litter completely consumes the smell and leaves no foul odor. It’s pretty remarkable considering all other brands we have tried failed miserably in this area.

No Litter Trail – Pfeiffer, as precious as she is, tended to get he litter stuck to her paws and we would find pieces of litter throughout the house. No bueno! After a week with sWheat Scoop premium+, there is absolutely no litter that leaves the box. This is even more important now with the baby on the way.

Safer for Cat & Baby – We don’t have to worry about Pfeiffer or our baby boy because premium+ is 100% all-wheat and natural, without any of the added dyes and perfumes or other harmful ingredients typically found in clay litters. We’re happy that we’re able to bring a safe option into our home for everyone.


What’s Your Favorite Costume?


kitty-costume-tryouts-swheat-kitty-litter-halloween-costume-dressing-up-your-cat-corporate-catwalk-family-blog-pets-nyc-new-york-city-6sWheat Scoop premium+ is an all-natural cat litter that uses nature’s most powerful odor control agent: wheat. It is produced by Pet Care Systems, an environmentally focused organization that uses secondary wheat from across the Midwest to source it’s products. Farmer-owned and farmer-grown, sWheat Scoop is an eco-friendly, effective alternative to traditional clay litters.

Thank you to sWheat Scoop for sponsoring today’s post. Check out the video below for more about sWheat Scoop premium+!

xo, Olivia



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