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In Partnership with CoverGirl + PureWow, today on Corporate Catwalk, we’re celebrating women and the Age of Elegance!
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As working women, we are confident and great at what we do. No longer do we view our age as just a number but rather an asset and something to be proud of.  We look good!  In partnership with CoverGirl + PureWow, we’re celebrating women and the Age of Elegance. 
Since entering the business world, almost a decade ago, I went from being a young soft spoken girl in the workplace to a highly-skilled (sometimes outspoken) woman. When I started my career, there were very few highly visible women working within the corporate setting or founders of start-ups.  That has of course changed.  We’ve all seen the rise of successful women in the business world – Sheryl Sandberg, Safra Catz, Marissa Mayer, Payal Kadakia, and so many others from both large and small companies. These are the women who are paving the way for my success, for my niece’s success and hopefully one day my daughter’s success. These women are not always the women we see dressing up in suits to make it to their 8am meeting.  It’s also the full time mom, the entrepreneurs and the philanthropists out there.

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Before graduating college, I remember asking my mom if she’d trade her age for being 21 again and she said, “No, because I love the woman I’ve become.” That was powerful, especially for someone entering the workplace. She truly defines Age of Elegance. Growing older means becoming more confidant, embracing your flaws and gaining wisdom and experience along the way. 
PureWow and CoverGirl have joined forces to relay this message to women through their new line of foundation. In the video, I’m wearing CoverGirl + Olay Simply Ageless 3 in 1 Foundation. As a long time user of Olay (for day and night cream), the foundation hydrates and covers fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to improve your skin tone over time with the formula used in the foundation. It gives medium to high coverage, which I love, to conceal some of my freckles and even out my skin tone. The foundation lasts all day and will get any busy women through her workday.

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Thank you so much to the PureWow and CoverGirl team, it was a pleasure working together and I enjoyed sharing what the Age of Elegance means to me. Be sure to head over to PureWow to see more inspiring stories from women some of our favorite some. 
 Thank you Covergirl for sponsoring and bringing today’s message!


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