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This peplum blazer is a piece that I often wear to work, especially in the spring. Although I typically reach for a more traditional blazer, this cropped piece adds a good balance of style and professionalism to my look. With warmer weather in sight, jumpsuits will be popping up everywhere (here’s my favorite jumpsuit from a few years ago).  Ladies, don’t be scared of the jumpsuit! Here are a few of my favorite that could potentially translate from work to play.



A good way to incorporate a jumpsuit into your daily work outfits is to throw on a blazer or try adding a white button down shirt under the jumpsuit. Since the black jumpsuit I’m wearing in today’s post is strapless, it’s more appropriate to add a blazer that covers most of my chest area. If you work in a more casual work environment, try adding a blazer to your jumpsuit and for the corporate women, try adding a white button down shirt and a blazer. This will add layers for the colder days in the office, but also give you a structured look that would otherwise be a too casual for the workplace.
Instead of wearing this look with my standard work bag, I threw on my mini bag to represent how a simple work look can be worn after hours and still look polished and flirty.



Bailey44 Jumpsuit old (similar here)
Topshop Blazer old (similar here & last worn here)
Manolo Blahnik heels (similar here & here)
Chloe Bag (similar here)
Prada Sunglasses (similar here & here)


Photos by Lydia Hudgens



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