EcoTools | Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day! This is my last EcoTools post. The last ten months I’ve been working with EcoTools to create hair tutorials, summer makeup tutorials and makeup checklists with their eco-friently and animal-friently beauty products.
As part of my last post with EcoTools, I’m sharing a makeup look that I wore on date with Matt. I’m using the EcoTools Day to Night brush set. The name of this set couldn’t be more accurate. It has all the essentials for freshening up your makeup after a long day at work.
For someone with my schedule, redoing my makeup after work for either a date, blog event or birthday party isn’t practical. I have anywhere from 30-45 minutes to come home, feed the animals, change my clothes and freshen up my makeup. With the Day to Night set, I have all the essentials to get ready quickly and still look refreshed and polished.
The brush set includes; eyeshadow brush, angled face brush, petite highlighting fan brush, pointed concealer brush, detailed lip liner brush.
With my eyeshadow brush, I apply Urban Decay Naked3 eyeshadow palette. This is my favorite eyeshadow set and use it most days for my daily office looks.


Using the angled face brush I apply contouring powder to my cheekbones, sides of my nose and hairline. When it comes to contouring, I’m a minimalist. I try my best to contour my nose, but other than that I blend out as much as possible.


Using the precision blush brush (not included in the set), I apply blush to the apples of my cheeks. Over the holidays I picked up this NARS contour and blush palette. The mornings are always hectic, so palettes like the NARS contour and blush palette consolidate everything into one location making it easier and faster for me to get ready.
Then using the highlighting fan brush I apply highlighter to the bridge of my nose and above my cheeks. The highlighter in the NARS set is more matte, it’s not shiny.
**For the corporate girls out there who want a highlighter but not all the shimmer, try a matte finish. It brightens up your face without all the glam.


To define my eyes, I use the lip liner brush as an under eyeshadow brush. Using a dark ercolor I blend the shadow under my eyes and into my upper eyeliner.
I complete the lip with a soft pink lipstick and lots of mascara!


The look is now complete! This dress is by Cynthia Steffe, worn here a few years ago.
Oh yes, here are a few of my older Valentine’s Day outfits here, here and here.
In the spirt of red and pink, I also dug up these outfits posts. This pink and red dress is still my favorite.
Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Nothing is more refreshing than a few days off work to spend with your family and friends!



Photos by Lydia Hudgens



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