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Today I’m excited to share a few photos from my living room and office area. Over the last few years I’ve done a few updates to our apartment, but looking forward to updating everything this summer! Here’s a look back at our place in 2013.

About the photos above, I somehow convinced Matt to help me strip the fireplace of all the paint and repaint it black. Our building is almost 100 years old, so several layers of paint have been applied to the fireplace over the years. After a week of scrapping off paint, we were finally done! Matt might disagree, but it was worth all the time and effort to restore this beauty. 
Sofa – ABC Home
Moroccan Rug – Overstock 
Coffee Table – Vintage 
Pillows – WestElm
Curtains – West Elm 


Batman loves his section sofa. Who knew a little pup needed to much space! 

What I’m wearing: 
Zara Heels similar by Stuart Weitzman

The wall gallery is my favorite wall in our home. Most of the photos came from books and online prints. We also added our wedding signs “Señor” and “Señora” to our bar area. It’s a reminder of our beautiful wedding day. 


The faux leather soft and vintage chairs are both from Craigslist. 
Desk – WestElem


The mid century credenza is another find from Craigslist. I picked up the record player from Urban Outfitters. The Ficus Lyrata is one of my favorite plants. Growing up my mom always had beautiful plants in our house. I’ve always consulted my mom when taking care of plants, but it wasn’t till I got the ficus lyrata that I learned how to “listen” to your plants.  They’re very temperamental. So I’m careful about watering and sunlight. 


Coffee Table – Vintage
Mantel Painting – WestElm
Side table – Vintage

Photos by Lydia Hudgens


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