6 Tips When Purchasing Work Pants

J.Crew Trousers
J.Crew Trousers
J.Crew Trousers
J.Crew Trousers
J.Crew Trousers
J.Crew Trousers

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J.Crew Pants
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Today’s not a super “sexy” post, but work pants are necessary in the corporate world.  Here are a few tips when purchasing work pants;

1. Stick with the basic COLORS – black, navy and grey are great options when starting your work wardrobe. Start with the basics and then begin to build your closet from that point. Other good prints are houndstooths and pinstripes, but try and stick with solid colors. You can be more creative with your tops and accessories if you feel like your pants are boring.

Black is basic, but these Vince pants will show you mean business at the office.

2. Invest TIME finding the perfect pair- we’re always online shopping or at the mall “window shopping”. While you’re out, stop by a few stores and try on work pants. I wouldn’t recommend setting aside a whole day searching for the perfect work pants, but I’d recommend spending some time to figure out what works best on your body. Don’t forget to bring a pair of work shoes! You’ll have a better idea how you look with the whole ensemble.

Next time you’re at the mall, try on these Ann Taylor pants.

3. QUALITY material and stitching – you’ll wear these pants more than you’ll wear anything else in your wardrobe. Find pants with quality material and stitching. If you pick up the pants and they feel cheap or they look like they might fade, find a different option.

Oversize pants are in style this season. Quality meets trendy, check out these pants from Rebecca Taylor.

4. VERSATILITY with blouses, tops and sweaters – you’ll be wearing these pants a lot, so find a pair that looks great with almost any top you own. This goes basic to sticking with the basics, you’ll get more milage out of your pants with basic colors.

 Want to try a different print, Pinstripes are always a good option.

5. Do they WRINKLE easily?- If you’re like most corporate women, you probably travel often or you’re always on the go. Nothing more frustrating than putting on a pair of pants, only to realized there wrinkled before walking out the door. My clothes need to be ready to wear at all time. We have an iron and steamer, but that takes time. We all know time is precious, so I opt to get pants with more polyester because they don’t wrinkle as easily.

These Warehouse pants are perfect for travel.

6. The PERFECT FIT– it’s all about the fit. It can be difficult for women to wear pants and feel confident at the workplace. This goes back to having fitted pants. For example, if the pants elongate your body, give you a polished look or make your butt look perfect, you’ll feel confident and sexy. However, if the pants are not fitted and either too tight or too loose, you can feel insecure throughout the workday. Work can be stressful enough, last thing you want to worry about is how you look and feel in the pants your wear.

These J.Crew Trousers are a great invest piece.

*See my other wide leg trousers, worn here.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens


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