What Undergarments to Wear Under White Clothing

White clothes collage

Today’s blog post is dedicated to a reader of Corporate Catwalk, Ali. She recently asked what undergarments I wear under all my white outfits. It wasn’t till I read her comment that I realized that I wear a lot of white (and black…can’t help it. I’m a byproduct of NYC). The last few years my wardrobe has moved away from bright colors and patterns, to black, white and grey pieces. Working in the corporate wold and always on the go, I need pieces that can be worn for every occasion. While black looks great with almost any outfit, white gives your outfits a crisp and clean look.  Slap on a few accessories and statement heels and you’re ready to walk out the door. 
The trick to white clothing is NUDE undergarments.  Not white.  Not ivory.  Nude.  I have several white tees that I use to put under white button up shirts, but I realized that I always had a t-shirt line.  You know when you see a businessman and you can see the outline of their sleeveless shirt under their crisp white shirt?  Here are a few tips on how to prevent yourself from looking like that person. 
1. Bras- Like most women, my days are long. So I’m all about comfort when it comes to my bra. The less it stabs me with a wire and/or shows off my back fat, the happier I am at the end of the day. After years of wearing Victoria Secret bras, I switched over to Hanes bras. No wires. No back fat. No tugging. Nothing. They are so comfortable and you can wear them with a white skin tight t-shirt and you can’t see any lines in your shirt. My wonderful momma introduced me to these comfy bras. I can’t find the exact match to this bra, but very similar style here.

2. Undershirt- After the holiday season, I typically put on a few pounds, so everything fits a little tighter.  On a trip to the mall with my mom (different trip), we came across the SPANX tank top. This shirt is amazing. It sucks everything in. The only thing to be watch out for is lines when you tuck them into your pants or skirt. For several months I wore this tank top daily. It made me feel slimmer and it held everything in, especially after lunch! I own it in black and nude.
3. Undies- The Victoria Secret nude lace thongs are one of my favorites to wear with any white skirt or jumpsuit. In the photos above that’s what I’m wearing with the white jumpsuit. And you could see everything through this white jumpsuit. 
4. Tummy Control- If you wear pencil skirts, you’re probably familiar with panty lines and shirt lines. I have two pieces that I wear under white skirts. The traditional SPANX and the “skirt” SPANX, both in nude. Just becuase you can see so much through white dresses, I’d opt for a whole body slip, like here. Which I also own. Or a body shaper, like this one via SPANX.

Here are a few outfits and what I wore underneath to not show any lines or outlines.


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Professional Outfit
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White Jumper
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Pleated White Skirt
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Yellow Pencil Skirt
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The next time you come across a white dress or skirt, don’t shy away. Just be sure to have the appropriate undergarments to make the look flawless. Here are a few more of my favorite white pieces for at the office and/or out with friends.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens


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