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My 30 day shopping challenge.

It started yesterday. I’m challenging myself NOT to shop for 30 days. When I wrote my sister-in-law today and told her that I’m not shopping for 30 days, her initial response was, “Noooooo! Why???”. Well, like most women, I’ve succumbed to fast fashion. Shopping at every online sale, buying the latest trend and stretching my dollar to buy one more pair of shoes. With Instagram, email marketing and fashion blogs, I’m always after the next piece to add to my closet.

Over the years, I’ve minimized shopping at places like Forever 21, buying t-shirts and other random things on the sale rack. However, I’ve noticed that I’m so quick to click on an ASOS and J.Crew ad. Inevitably this ends up with me adding 2-3 pieces to my cart and then justifying a purchase. And don’t even get me started with living in New York City. The temptation to shop is at a whole new level.

What if I started making more strategic purchases? For example, investing in more pieces that I can wear over and over again.

When looking at my shoe collection yesterday, I noticed there is a group of shoes I always wear. The rest of my shoes, they collect dust. The best example to use for investment pieces are my Valentino pumps, Fendi 2Jour bag and J.Crew skirts. I wear these pieces ALL THE TIME.

The point of not shopping for 30 days is to challenge myself to think about what I “need” to add to my closet. Opposed to making a purchase on an emotional high.  I’m going to set aside funds that I’d otherwise use to make a purchase on a whim, to purchase a nude pair of pumps and a nude bag. Two things I’d really like to add to my closet and I’d get a lot of use out at both work and after hours. In my Friday blog post, I’ll share a few things I’m doing to minimize myself from shopping at the next Piperlime summer sale.

The outfit above is a perfect example of “shopping your closet”. I’ve had this skirt for years, but it’s been buried between the other five black skirts I have hanging up in my closet. I love these heels and wear them once a week to work and/or out with friends. The bag I use as a purse and a computer bag. In the last year, I haven’t gone to work once without this bag.This shirt has been in my closet for a month and just wore it to the office on Monday.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress. Till then, have a great day. I’m heading to an interview. See you on Friday.

The Limited Skirt (ASOS Skirt, Nanette Lepore)
Zara Heels (splurge at Pour La Victorie)
Fendi Bag 
Nixon Watch 
Prada Sunnies (Sole Society)

Photos by Lydia Hudgens


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