Five Things to do Before an Interview

1.First thing to do when you’ve secured an interview, find out who you’ll be meeting with during the interview. Write down their first and last names and each person’s roles and responsibilities at the company. Don’t be shy about asking these questions. If you don’t get all this information, you can typically find people on the company “About” section or look up the company on LinkedIn. Most hiring manager have profiles on LinkedIn.

2. Next, research the company. LinkedIn is one of your best resources during this process. You’ll learn who works at the company, if you’re connect to anyone who previously or currently worked at the company. If you know anyone who works there (or did), write them a quick email. Most people are more than happy to take five minutes to talk to you about a potential job opportunity. Also look for any recent press releases. Did they recently acquire any companies? Get a new CEO, President, or get a large sum of VC funding? Figure out how the company makes money and prepare to speak about how you can effect this bottom line.

3. Make a list of 20-30 questions that could possibility be asked during an interview. Most likely, 99% of them won’t be asked, but you want to be prepared and writing down questions and answers keep you sharp during the interview process. It’s 100% acceptable to over prepare for an interview. Do. Not. Swing. It. In my industry, year or year growth and quota earrings are two of the primary focuses. When I go into an interview, I make sure I can recite my quarterly, yearly and quota earnings for my entire career.

4. Pick out your outfit, in it’s entirety. From how you’re going to wear your hair to the shoes you’ll be wearing. Iron & press all your clothes the night before. Also try on your outfit. Make sure the skirt isn’t too short or the pants are not too tight. You don’t want any surprises when you’re getting ready in the morning.

5. Shut down the electronic early and relax your mind before going to bed. Of course, get a good night’s sleep.  In the morning, if you have an early interview, get up an hour early than your normal schedule. Allow yourself to unwind in the morning and have breakfast. Limit yourself to one cup of coffee or switch to tea. Too much coffee + anxiety can led to perspiration and becoming distracted during the interview. If you’re have a interview mid-day, try and prepare yourself to have a light schedule. If you have meetings, make sure you’re not presenting or reschedule.



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