Five Simple Ways to Always be on Time

Five Simple Ways to Always be on Time


Being on time is one of the most common stereotypes of women and nine
times out of ten, we are always late. Myself included. This is my top
goal for 2014. As a professional corporate women, being early to
meetings is the same as being on time. You don’t every want your
customer waiting on you and furthermore, on a personal level, you don’t
want your friends waiting on you. Remember everyone is busy, not just

I’ve been working on being more prompt and here are five easy ways that you can be on time to your next meeting or girl’s night out!
1. More clocks
– this might seem silly, but when you’re aware of the time you’ll start
to move a little faster. A friend of mine has a sport’s watch in the
shower, which is brilliant for the modern day woman who’s doing ten
things at once. If you have 30 minutes to get ready, you should probably
take a 8-10 minute shower. Put clocks in your bathroom, vanity area,
living room, kitchen, hallway and last, your wrist. Wear a watch, don’t
rely on your cellphone. It will be hard to lose track of time hanging
over you head.

2. Minimal makeup- have a simple makeup routine. When I’m running late I
put on face powder, bronzer, mascara and apply lip gloss when I’m
walking out the door. You can always bring the rest of your makeup with
you. When you have time later in the day, slip into the bathroom and
freshen up.

3. Plan to arrive 30 minutes early – we’ve all heard to plan on arriving 15
minutes early. But if you’re always 15 minutes late, doesn’t that set
you right at the time you’re suppose to arrive? I aim to arrive 30
minutes early. Especially when you’re traveling. You never know what’
roadblocks you have ahead of you. 
4. Put down the cell phone
limit your distractions. Turn off your music, don’t answer calls or
text messages. Think about how much time it takes you to get your cell
phone, put in password, reply back and wait for someone’s response…a
few minutes. Wait till you’ve arrived to your destination and reply
back. However, if you are running late, make sure to let the person
you’re meeting know as soon as possible. 

5.  Wear all black
I know it seems boring, but everyone looks good in black. Throw a
necklace or earrings into your purse and put on accessories later. When
I’m running late, I spend most of my time figuring out what to
wear…nothing seems to look good. Remember, no matter the occasion, go
for all black! 
last thing, when you arrive to a meeting, date, lunch, dinner or
wherever (if you’re on time or early) no need to explain you were
running around crazy to get to your destination on time. Take five deep
breathes and walk slowing and you’ll always look polished and
poised…it’s all about perception. 

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